Protecting from thefts.

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    hey i am getting a happy time from thats dax for my old schwinn cruiser. I will be taking the bike with me to school next semester but i am afraid with rising gas prices some one will try to still it. I had no problems last year with people bothering my bike but now it will have an engine. I always lock it up but i want to make sure some one cant cut my lock and ride away. Is there any one who has ever rigged some kind of key start or magic kill switch i dont know lol...:smile:

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  2. I have a feeling if some one takes your Bike They may just Simply pick it up and run.:shock:

    But if it makes you feel any better.
    wire a hidden Taggle switch to the kill button and always leave your Clutch Engaged so the bike is not able to roll freely Placing a lock between the frame and rear tire helps as well.

    Good luck with your Build.


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    I just use a steel cable lock. Not chain, they're too easy to cut. My lock won't stop a determined thief who has any knowledge of how to get around locks, but it will surely stop the casual thief.
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    sweet i think with a couple of these options i can protect my bike from the campus thefts :rolleyes:
  5. THREE LOCKS. Different configurations. Make sure all three loops around the bike rack.
    And don't trust all bike racks. Some are simply bolted to the concrete. And car can break these right off. Those newer racks with the thick poles are far better.
    Then I keep an 8 foot cable for when I can't find a secure spot except for a huge tree or a street light or a thick building post. Then my other two locks lock up my wheels.
    Get a u lock that you can't pick with a pen,a cable lock and a chain lock. I prefer keys to combination locks. Combination locks can be picked. It's pretty easily done on some of them.
    Just the presence of three different locks would turn a thief away. I mean I see bikes all the time locked up by a flimsy wal mart lock at the park and rides.
    But campus theft may be the least of your worries. $%^#$ that are simply jealous may want to vandalize your bike. You may come back with bent rims,wires missing,foreign stuff in your tank.
    I keep a spare magneto and coil in my tool pouch. I also have the capacity to get a lock for my gas tank from my tank mod. But thanks to pabickwermert in a PM,he gave me a good link to a locking gas cap that will fit your tank!
    My clutch mod I can flick my clutch cable in a second. This disables your clutch.
    But I've been riding my 4 stroke more lately and I haven't figured much yet as to how to prevent from vandalism so I don't lock it up for long.
    Ask campus security if there's a camera by the bike racks. That's where I would want to lock my bike up.
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    anyone ever think of fabricating a thick lock made out of thick steel rods or square tube. maybe something over 2" in diameter. that way, bolt cutters would not be an option. only an angle grinder would be able to cut it off. and that takes time and would make too much noise.
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    last year here in seattle there was a tv news story--guys were locking bikes to sign posts downtown but the bad guys had loosened the posts so when you walked off they just lifted the post and off they went. probably learned it in jail.
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    Ask your local esoteric blacksmith to make you an enchanted lock. The one I have will summon several hungry Imps and a Harpy or two to devour the thief.

    These lock can be very expensive, and you may have to fulfill some kind of quest for the blacksmith, but they are truly excellent locks and you never have to worry about thieves again.
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    I think that no matter what an item is, if someone really wants to steal it, they'll find a way. The best theft prevention method is simply removing the opportunity. If a would be thef is not tempted to steal, than they will not. Regards to bicycles: Follow this Link This is the only practical, fool proof way or preventing your bike from being stolen, and technically it has to be stolen to be worth tracking lol.
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    yes u can lock up ur bike as much as u like but they can also be big *****s and cut ur fuel lines or just try rowen ur bike coz there jealous.
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    Holy heck! Where do you ppl live, where theives are ripping up bike racks with cars? :shock: Might want to get a gun rack on that thing instead! :lol:
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    that would suck if some but hole would mess bike.... ill still there girl friend if they do :evil:
  14. You can never be too relaxed. If I go to a store that has nothing I can secure my bike,I won't stop there.
    Even at the gas station I'll only go to those that have that thick bar on the ends that keep cars away. I lock my bike up to that before I go in the store to give the cashier a dollar for a fill up.
    It only takes a second.
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    where can i get one of these? sounds pretty effective. i would pay through the nose for em. so are the harpies hot?
  16. wanger

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    got bike back

    got bike back young lads had it swapped frame parts xx DEATH TRAP xx:evil:
    they live 4 doors away got them near train station
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    brendonv is right :) I'm also reminded of Pee Wee's Big Adventure...there was this short clip of his bike all chained up. I mean chained up lolol. :)

    And it still got stolen! Point is, if a thief wants it enough, he'll ride off with it.

    Seriously, I think they should video monitor the bike stalls to catch bike thieves. I won't even get into what punishments I think there should be!
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    Bicycle is the new horse

    In Texas they shot the horse thief..(or did they hang them) The Mb is the horse of the new century. Maybe we bring that tradition back. This was true because if you stole a mans horse in many cases you condemmed him to death.
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    They did both; hanged horse thieves and shot 'em if I read correctly my history. I have no problem with that tradition. "The Mb is the horse of the new century" ---let it be, I say :)
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    About bike locks

    So I did some investigation on locks and found out that the best locks are the U shaped ones. Cable locks are no match to bolt cutters or hack saws but U shaped ones are. If you get hardened steel ones that are a least 12mm thick you should be fine, bolt cutters are no match. If you want to go all out and get the best ones go for the "Kryptonite New York", any series will do. I hope this helps.