Proto-type Recumbent 2 Wheel Bicycle, with Power Assist. $2000 firm.

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    Proto-type Recumbent 2 Wheel Bicycle, with Power Assist. $2000 firm. One of a kind. Built for tall man, 6' 2+" tall with a 33" inseam. Seat can be moved about +- 2" from current position. Steering bar will have to be cut or extended. See pictures at Yellow computer tower no longer on bike.

    1 HP Honda 4 cycle motor 8,000 rpm, 250+ mpg. Must pedal up to 3 mph. On level ground with pedaling 30+ mph, can go up big hills with pedaling 12-17mph. Motor has free wheel on drive, but with the motor off it is noisy and is more work to pedal bike. A lever between legs can engage or disengage motor. With motor running wide open it sounds like 100 screaming chickens.

    Don't even consider this bicycle if you are not proficient in riding a recumbent. Bike is very heavy, and the motor is mounted up high. Not a starter bike.

    Bike was designed for me with AF heart trouble to be able to continue to bicycle.

    Can't ship. PU only. Solon, Ohio

    440-547-123 Terry

    Please don't leave a message I will never get it.

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    Nice looking back end to the bike....

    You may want to add more detailed pics for the sale of a $2000 bicycle...

    Would love to see a profile shot of the girl you have for sale here!