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  1. Ratty Natty

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    I have been trying to make an exhaust system. out of an atv chamber. the pipe i used was slightly larger. my friends pipe bender made a mess of it. I have decided to push on and make the system and then once made. I will take it to a professional and have it remade now I have a template It looks kind of cool in a ratty way. I had to redesign the tensioner and modify the manifold to take the flat slide carby fit. Long way to go. Here is my progress

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  2. jaguar

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    looks like you've got a motocross silencer on. I'll bet its loud.
    convert it to having a belly stinger for an 80% reduction in noise.
  3. butre

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    I'm firmly in the loud pipes save lives camp, and seeing as I love the sound of a healthy engine my bike isn't getting any quieter until my neighbors complain. my short length of swiss muffler is more than quiet enough for me
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    Was nice for a minute. got zapped by a speed camera. dunno why.muffler is off anyway don't need attention.. Stock unit fitted straight back on with a couple of cuts. Interested in reeds? .This motor is on the way out . Saving up for the next. So we will practice porting on this one. I have been a bad boy and the local cops will not give me room so I am cautious as we are limited by watts as well as 48cc capacity. Got some more pics of my brackets Photo040.jpg Photo050.jpg Photo033.jpg
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    Tear drop hand made bracket

    The light is nice the origional mount was crap broke strait away . I am learning these little things shake em selves to bits.
    nylocks, split pins, lock nuts, Loctight bla bla bla. Really happy with the look of the light. PS. Tail light fell of on test ride. doh

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