Puch Moped

I remember those, but only kinda vaguely. Still, it looks like it could be fun.

I can't help you. But it's amazing how much info can be found here. I'll bet you'll get some useful answers soon.

good luck.
These classics are fun to work on. I recently picked up an 80 something Yamaha qt50 for.........$15. Hey, it was in better shape than your Puch. :LOL: Seller just wanted it out of his garage. ;)

Try ebay for parts. I'm still waiting for some time to work on my cutie, but have already seen a bunch of parts on ebay for it. Also, in my case, Yamaha still sells engine/electrical parts for these as well. Good luck on your's! :)
Try the MopedArmy site. When I was rebuilding a Pugeot 103, I found the shop manuals, etc there.
I rode a friend's Puch (say, how do you pronounce that, anyways - "pook", "poosh", "puke", "poke") years ago and found that it was the only moped I could actually pedal for a ways if the motor quit.
Puch possibilities

Hi If that were my new bike, I would check spark etc. DL a manual, and then if I needed help on parts I would contact Myron's Mopeds in Fullerton CA. they do also have a website.

Puch vehicles were made in Austria.They have been out of business for quite some time.Never seen many around overhere.Were popular and enjoyed a good reputation in Europe.Japanese competition (cost) did them in.Probably still parts to be had from over there.