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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mikesova, Oct 29, 2008.

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    I remember those, but only kinda vaguely. Still, it looks like it could be fun.

    I can't help you. But it's amazing how much info can be found here. I'll bet you'll get some useful answers soon.

    good luck.
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    These classics are fun to work on. I recently picked up an 80 something Yamaha qt50 for.........$15. Hey, it was in better shape than your Puch. :lol: Seller just wanted it out of his garage. ;)

    Try ebay for parts. I'm still waiting for some time to work on my cutie, but have already seen a bunch of parts on ebay for it. Also, in my case, Yamaha still sells engine/electrical parts for these as well. Good luck on your's! :smile:
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    Try the MopedArmy site. When I was rebuilding a Pugeot 103, I found the shop manuals, etc there.
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    Iam thinking that as long as the former riders kept oil in that THING

    you may be able to get it up and running - pretty easy

    looks like a good one to --- RIDE THAT THING
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    I rode a friend's Puch (say, how do you pronounce that, anyways - "pook", "poosh", "puke", "poke") years ago and found that it was the only moped I could actually pedal for a ways if the motor quit.
  7. Puch possibilities

    Hi If that were my new bike, I would check spark etc. DL a manual, and then if I needed help on parts I would contact Myron's Mopeds in Fullerton CA. they do also have a website.

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    Puch vehicles were made in Austria.They have been out of business for quite some time.Never seen many around overhere.Were popular and enjoyed a good reputation in Europe.Japanese competition (cost) did them in.Probably still parts to be had from over there.
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    parts for puch

    Here is a shop that specializes in puch parts.
    it is in sweden but they could prolly help you out with most parts for your moped.


    it cant hurt contacting them and ask.

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    i gave away one just like that 5 years ago all it needed was a carb. still kicking myself now for doing that.
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    I've since decided to trade this puch for this:


    a '77 Yankee Peddler , with apparently a cimatti gas tank, that runs and goes. I'm going to have fun with this I think. I'm thinking moped chopper...and joining the Moped army, the hardest moped gang on the planet. :smile:
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    looks good... from what I remember there are still companies selling tuning parts for that old Puch you got rid of... some of them could be made to go fairly fast.

    Hope you have fun with the new one... it looks like its been restored from that picture and a good job done on it too.

    Jemma xx
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    I used to own own a Puch about 25 years ago. It was nice it even had a 2 gear automatic transmission. I do remember having to have the carbs cleaned out often when it sat to long.