Puerto Rico MB' Law ( bicicleta asistida )

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    Hello Friends,

    ive been reading a bit about MB's in Puerto Rico, and found out a few facts,

    Bicycles are ruled by the "cyclist letter" which grants cyclists permission to use traffic lanes, amongst other basic safety specifications like lightign, bell, helmet, etc.

    heres a link to the bicycle law in Puerto Rico (in spanish, sorry): http://www.dtop.gov.pr/disco/Ley22/Cap11.htm

    i noticed how motored bikes were not included here. so i go about looking for motorcycle laws to find out were we stand. Puerto Rico law #107 (motorcycle law) states on the 1.09 "autocycle o motociclo" amendment, says any vehicule with 5 hp or less, which include minibikes, monopatines, motored skateboard, gokarts, and bicycle with motors are not authorized in public streets.

    heres a link to the law (sorry its in spanish) : http://www.senadopr.us/Archivo_Digital/2005-2008/Interes_Publico/Ley_motocicletas.pdf

    i can understand why such an amendment exists, but i also know that MB's are full bicycle with a motor to assist the cyclist. so i made a very well thought e-mail, and sent it to the president of the senate Thomas Rivera Schatz (trivera@senadopr.us) and the president of the lower senate Norma Burgoz Andujar (nburgos@senadopr.us), also sent it to the 2 senators for San Juan (were i live) Roberto A Arango Vinent (rarango@senadop.us) & Kimmey Raschke Martínez (kiraschke@senadopr.us). The letter was also sent to the biggest newspapers of Puerto Rico.

    in summary what the letter says that MB's are bicycles that are pedal powered, but can turn on a motor (gas/electric) to assist the rider. MB's dont stop being bicycles at all. Since Puerto Rico, grants bicycles the right to be in the street then MB's shoud be added to this law with some added amendments that talk about the motor and safety. Looking to add more info, i linked a pdf with the list of laws concerning MB's to each state.


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    I see two things here.

    1st, bicycles being allowed to use the road, and a motorized bicycle still being considered a regular bicycle - wouldn't that make a motorized bicycle legal according to this


    Also mentioned in the motorcycle law, any vehicle with 5HP or less not being allowed to use the streets. Well, if you have 6.5HP or more, and meant to go fast to hold with low speed traffic, wouldn't that be legal according to that as well?
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    A good effort Echotraveler to undertake. Was there some friction between the authorities and motorized bikers there?
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    i havn't heard much about any problems with authorities...

    re-reading the article 1.09 it just lumps all motored vehicule that dont qualify as motorcycle

    they say a motorcycle is defined as a vehicule with 2 wheels or more in contact with the road with a 45cc or more, 6 hp +, and capable of doing 35mph+

    hopefully theyll read and understand that MB's are great!
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    no answer from the senators, ill have to send them a reminder.

    im very concerned about the police, i bet that theyll pull me over and confiscate my MB just to mess around with me... its really sad, i sort of fear their ignorance, and the thing is they would be right to confiscate my MB because its prohibited...what should i do???
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    right now im not feelling real good about the laws that rule MB's.

    after reading the P.R. bicycle law, Motorcycle Law, and federal motorcycle regulations, im under 3 different clauses.

    1. bicycle = a 2 or 3 wheel selfpropelled vehicule.

    2. monocycle = auto propelled vehicule including bicycles with motors, the dont exceed 5 hores power

    3 motorcycle = 45cc+ , 6hp, minimum 35 mph, licence, 2 breaks (1 most be foot break), 1 headlight, rearview mirror, tires that display performance info., accesible controls.

    I just called the DOT here and they told me i had to go there to inspect the vehicule, to see what they say.

    So right now im trying to be a motorcycle, but i dont want to! an MB is not a motorcycle. im a bicycle with motor, but i do have more than 5 horse power.........so getting a motorcycle authorization would the way to go, since a bicycle with a motor is not considered as a bike anymore..

    any help would be awsome, plz comment and if your really nice, send my senators an email, hope they know english..lol
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    Just have as FAST or big of an engine as you can. Be registered and licensed to be a motorcycle, and just ride. If your bike is a "motorcycle" in PR, then wouldn't it be perfectly legal?

    Now of course, there's always the issue of ignorant cops not even knowing the laws themselves.............
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    PR laws

    I'm amazed that the laws concerning this haven't changed in so many years!

    I had the experience of having to register a moped as a motorcycle back in the mid 80's. I had a hel of a problem because I didn;t have a title, just a sales receipt. It was purchased in Newport, Rhode Island and the receipt clearly said "bicycle".

    After getting a lawyer to certify that I was the owner, etc. I then had to add all the necessary lighting (HI-LO beams and signal lights), get an inspection, license plates, helmet... the whole shebang.

    Then guess what?! I kept getting stopped for being on the road because it was only 50 CC.!!!!! This was in the Mayaguez area.
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    what do you think i should do? i was planning on being a renegade and keep up sending emails to the senators of my area, San Juan. following some rules i believe to be important, like a front beam, some kind of light in the back, helmet, ding dong, and following the rules fo the road, that should be enough. if they stop me im gonna pray.
  10. enerarevir

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    Be a rebel, I guess... and pray

    It's a shame that you're in the San Juan area.

    Last Christmas and last summer I visited my hometown in the Southwest of the Island (Lajas), and noticed a few guys with MB's. I asked them if they were having trouble and they said no. They just ghost pedal a lot and use helmets, gloves reflective clothing, have lights, etc. Not one had ever been stopped.

    I guess that it's an advantage to be in a small township. I also realize that their machines still look like bicycle while my moped back the look very much like a small motorcycle, though it had pedals.

    Keep me posted on anything you may find out about all this because I'm planning on moving down there soon and will definately build an MB.

    Good luck and keep in touch.
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    thanx for the headsup. ill keep it safe for my sake and others =-)

    and ill be calling "El Capitolio" to get an appointment to expres my view on the MB subject. MB's are still bicycles, thus not selfpropelled.
  12. echotraveler

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    Hey friends! i just got a phone call from the lower senate, to discuss MB's.

    to begin, he asks for a definition on Motor Assited Bikes, and that i contact a cyclist group to look for support.

    1st thing - look for at least 3 definitions

    2nd thing - look & contact all the cyclist groups around here, to get support.

    any links on MB defense argument?
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