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Pull Start Pull start conversion?


Standard Issue

Does anyone know where I can buy a pull start conversion
for these little engines? I saw a picture of one on here once,
but couldn't really find any other info.

A pull start would be about ideal, I would think, as sometimes
it takes a few times up and down the street to get my little
engine started up and ready to go.

standard issue




Why would a pull start be better than a pedal start? I do not get it.

Standard Issue

Well, with a pull start you don't have to get the bike up to speed
before popping the clutch to get it started. Sometimes that's a
bit inconvenient, especially if you have to do it a couple times
due to engine starting woes.

I also have another bike I'd like to motorize, but it's a kind of funky,
non-traditional bike. It's a single speed semi-recumbent, and it's
geared such that you have to have some pretty strong legs to get
it going. A pull start would be perfect for that situation, IMO.

Also, a pull start would be great for when you're tuning or trouble
shooting. Again, rather than getting on and pop-starting it, you'd
just grab the handle and let 'er rip.

A pull start would also be just the thing for smaller riders, or riders
who are not entirely comfortable or familiar with the whole "get going
and then dump the clutch" effect.

...So yeah..I can think of a few reasons. Now, to find a pull start kit... :cool:



Why would a pull start be better than a pedal start? I do not get it.
It can be handy when your pedal system is screwed up and your bike has too much compression to be able to bump start it by running


Well-Known Member
Jul 23, 2012
11 year old thread - pull start is expensive with change of pedal cranks and they rarely run long before breaking


Active Member
Apr 2, 2017
There is a newer version that is being sold online. I bought a few. Will post more about it when i actually use it. Ill post a pic so you can see the difference yourselves.