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    I use pull starts on two of my bikes. One is standaed so if the p-start fails no problem, as I can bump start it.
    However the other is a jackshaft 5-speed and can be pedal (not bump) started if the engine is hot. Even then it is not easy.

    I have had several pull starters fail. Main problems are broken pawl and post breaking off. Also had a post break off on a h-duty p-start. I keep spare pull starters on hand, but that is just a new one with the same old weaknesses.

    These are the repairs that I have made in hope of improvement and it seems to be working out well.

    1. Steel pawl
    2. steel post with backer plate

    Of course their are other weaknesses pullcord-bushing and cord knot but to a lesser degree.

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    I thought of getting a pull start for my 66cc Grubee & jackshaft set up, but heard of too many problems with them. I have pretty good compression with this motor, not sure if the pull start would still work. Like you said even with the jackshaft its still pretty hard to start. Where I live I don't have much room to start the bike on our property, so I have come up with an idea to use a bike roller trainer to start the bike at a standstill at home and just pedal my a s s off if I start it away from home. It works pretty good for now.

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