Pull Start pull start makes it run but without it im stuck

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by geekdoutonbikes, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. geekdoutonbikes

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    so i have my engine on an occ stingray just got a pull start and the engine starts right up with it on...but if i try to pedal start i get nothing. my cdi is fine my kill switch is dead but i connected the wires n as i said will start with pull cord but not otherwise. any suggestions please help

  2. Cavi Mike

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    You added the pull-start or it was already on the engine? If it came on the engine in the kit, that engine has a centrifugal clutch which only engages when the engine reaches a certain RPM. Without the engine spinning, the clutch remains disengaged. If you want pull-start AND bump start, you have to ditch the centrifugal clutch and put a manual clutch on it.
  3. geekdoutonbikes

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    no i ordered the pull start seperate...mainly i got it just to check spark easier where it give me no pedal clearance. i think my killswitch is bad so i just twisted the wires together to get it goin went round the block warmed up the engine...removed pull start and tried to pedal start and nothing...could it be that i need a killswitch for it to start?
  4. geekdoutonbikes

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    o and ive ruled out cdi,wiring,spark plug,magneto...so im down to clutch and killswitch