Pull Start or Bipod Kick Stand for a Garage Start?


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Feb 25, 2022
I'm going to go the pull start route shortly just to give it a whirl. I'll let you know when it breaks and how many pulls it took to get to the center of the Tootsie pop.

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Hey team!

I want to be able to get this thing running right out of the garage without a pedaling up. I know everyone wants to say "you should only have to feather graze the pedals to get your bike to start" or "one pedal and it starts" or "you're a little bi*#ch who doesn't want to pedal."

I am not here currently to get those responses. And I am glad your bike is sent from god in heaven to start when you look at the pedal.


Option #1
Looks like a pull start is cheap and easy to throw on. Might need to get wider pedals to clear the pull starter. Could potentially torque the crankshaft keyway and/or magnet leading to improper timing.


Option #2
Throw a bipod style kickstand on it that completely raises the back tire making it ready to "stomp" start or kickstart using the pedals. This seems like an easier mod, and honestly seems like less downsides.

What are your thoughts? I want the pullstart, but the kickstand seems like the better choice. Maybe I should just get both?
i had my own stand made. i am able to work on the front or the back and i can run the motor wide open if i want and the bike doesnt wobble, the stand weighs less than a pound. it picks the bike up from the crank and raises it about 2.5 inches. i attached the best picture i have of it. i have others if you want to see it but they arent that good


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Apr 24, 2022
I'm extremely new to this but I bought this "bike training" stand thing off amazon. It holds the rear off the ground and has the option to add resistance. Anyways I've been trying to kick pedal start using it and it's been a hit or miss at least for me but I'm still sorting some issues on the engines, so that may be the issue. It was only around $20 shipped.