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    where can i buy a higher quality pull start for my 50cc motor from monsterscooterparts?? i have already went through two of them because of a failing coil and metal grabbing pins, the ones i have are beyond repair and have been used normally, i have been drill starting my motor for a while but doesnt always work because the drill dies after three or four starts of the motor and i go everywhere on my bike! so i defiantly need some higher quality working pull start.. your help will be greatly appreciated

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    Does the engine you speak of look the the one in the photo I've attached ? If so, I know you can get the pull starter from Harbor Freight. Let me know and I'll provide the information you need. If this is the engine you have, I've posted previously that the pull starters are the weak links on this engne. They cost about $4.00 from HF. Bad thing is they take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. I ordered 4 of them last year. Hope this helps !

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    I just saw on monsterscooter's site, they have pull starters for $13.49....Ouch ! 3 times Harbor Freight's price. But faster shipping I'm sure. That's why I ordered 4 at a time last year. They're all Chinese junk, so why pay the higher price if you can stnad to wait ?