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  1. DoktorD1313

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    Hey guys,

    I got a pull start attachment for my 80cc chinese, but I have possibly a dumb question...

    When I open up the case to attach the pullstart, how do I get the nut off to put the attachment on? You obviously can't just put a wrench on it because it just turns over the motor... So what do you do? I started to try just putting the wrench on it and holding the back tire to hold the engine, but I was afraid of the possibility of damaging something.

    Any advice from people who've put these on before?


  2. Ghost0

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    The easiest way I have found is to pull the clutch cover off and wedge a screwdriver in the gears. Crude but it works.
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    That will probably work and you won't damage anything

    I have removed the sprocket cover and put a 9/16" solid round bar
    between the front 2 little bosses that the cover attaches to.
    The bar locks the sprocket teeth against the case and this would be with the chain removed.

    You would either use the top or bottom one depending upon weather you
    were loosening or tightening

    Do Not use the third top sprocket cover boss with a screwdriver as one of my
    customers broke it off....

    Hope this makes sense without a pic
  4. fetor56

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    The wedging way is quite good....the other way u suggested also works fine.
    BTW...When your wedging anything always wedge something softer than the parent material.
    For example:if u want to wedge something between two steel gears use aluminium/copper/wood etc,that way no damage can occur.
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  5. azbill

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    if you put a ratchet on the nut, give it a hard rap on the handle witha hammer...it WILL free it up
    (an impact gun put it on)
  6. DoktorD1313

    DoktorD1313 New Member

    Thanks guys, I'll give those ideas a try tomorrow and see how it goes!
  7. POPS

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    If you go to Zoombicycles.com and find the pull start in the parts section click on it and there is a PDF for install instructions. Just use a pair of pliers to hold the magnet and remove the nut...No problemo...When I went to install the cup thing I found that there was not enough room for the lock washer to go back on and that the cup rubbed on the Mag screws. Not enough clearance on mine so I put a star lock washer in between the cup and magnet. It gave enough clearance so as to not rub the screws and a way to lock it down. Just put the nut back on with some blue locktight and away you go. I used the handle of the pliers in between the teeth of the cup to stake it in order to tighten the nut with a socket. mine also had a little side to side play on the cup to the magnet. Try to center it as best as possable,lock it down and just hold the cover on the motor to see if the screw holes line up. If they do ,turn the motor over a bit with the rear wheel and ckeck for screw alignment again. It took me a couple of tries to get it centered right but it's doable. It's important to get it centered or the cord recoil will not work right due to binding. Thighen serews with locktight and your done...Hope this helps...POPS
  8. jacliny

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    just try a small piece of rug (carpet) it will wedge in and not damage anything.
  9. thescooterguy

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    there should be a small hole in the pawl u can put an allen wrench through the hole and as you turn the pawl it will go into a slot that is made to stop the motor from turning while turning that bolt , u dont want to break any fan fins