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Pull Start Pull Start?




Is it possible for me to put a pull starter on my bike engine because i bought it as a pedal start, so how does it work? do I just take off the cover over the Magneto Coil and put the starter on it and make it a pull start and a pedal start? could someone please give me some feedback on this, thank you.




don't know if/how that works, but you're gonna need an offset (pedal) crank to clear that. in case you dint realize :)


oh ya, i guess thats gonna be kinda wide, thanks for pointing that out. :D :D i guess ill just forget about it for now. too much work to get an offset pedal for my bike because nothing fits my bike properly :D :D

thanks again, jon


Oct 25, 2009
Pull starters

Zoombicycles (Powerking) also has pull starters and centrifugal clutches for their engines. (or did anyway, haven't received the last ones I ordered yet) I have discovered that some other engines cannot be adapted to the pull starters. The pull starter just doesn't fit and the shaft off the magnet in the magneto is too short to space the converter out enough. Further the little cup that mounts on the magneto is rather thin and the screws for the coil hit it, trying to score a groove around the cup to clear the screw heads may lead to scoring right through the cup walls or weaking the cup. You probably won't know it it will work or not unless you get the starter for your brand of engine if there even is one.
The folks who posted that these starters are flimsy and easily broken are absolutely correct. Both of mine have broken one of the little tabs that engage the cup to turn the engine shaft. I too will likely need to make some kind of replacement tabs.