Pull Start pull starter mod to happy time two stroke



a friend saw my bike when it was still ..existing.. and he wanted to use one of these for a gokart, he is ready to buy a either kingsmotor kit or a dax kit, but he wants a pull start modifiation, i see one on this site. http://www.simpsonmotorbikes.com/newparts.html its number 23 on that list.

basically want to know if anyone else used this and will it bolt right onto a kingsmotor or dax kit?
That definetly looks like what your looking for,but I wonder if it makes that engine any thicker,thinking of pedal clearance.
:cool:the pullstart option will most certainly widen the engine.

especially if you add a centrifugal clutch.
he wants to keep the manual clutch, and it doesn't matter about the engine being wider, he wants to mount it to a go kart frame.

I am just wondering if that specific pull start add on will bolt directly onto a stock dax or kingsmotor kit without modification.