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Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Werdna, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Werdna

    Werdna Guest

    Are there any attachment type things that i could put on my chinese 70cc(from dax) so that I won't have to ride inorder to start my bike? Something like a pull start attachment?


  2. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    Yeah, you should be able to order one from dlfoster@neok.com . He is a Grubee parts guy. You should probably send him some photos of your motor because I think there is more than one version of the rope pull starter.

    Here it is on the bottom left of the photo...
  3. Werdna

    Werdna Guest

    Thanks Blaze! How much do they cost?
  4. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    I forgot. I haven't ordered mine yet. I think it was either $25 or $45.
  5. Werdna

    Werdna Guest

    huh, well if they have pull starters, do they have some sort of electric starter?

  6. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    I haven't seen an electric starter for these bicycle motors.
  7. Be careful...I think on one of the websites selling this pull start accessory said that it is NOT compatible with the clutch start units because the crankshafts are different. I'd double check but I forgot the website I saw it on >>>i think the site started with an "s" tho....I also have the engine from Dax.
  8. iron_monkey

    iron_monkey Guest

    it clearly states in the bottom right hand corner that it will not start friction clutch engines
  9. prowler

    prowler Guest

    iron_monkey, I think that the comment about "not working with friction-clutch models" is in regards to the "auto-clutch" kit. The recoil kit (if I remember seeing the picture correctly) attaches to the other side of the motor (outside the stator). I think the recoil works with the friction-clutch versions. Ideally, the recoil kit would work in conjunction with the auto-clutch kit.
  10. ibeenjammin

    ibeenjammin Guest

    If you go to GruBee's website grubeeinc.com it actually says that they do have a conversion kit for the friction drive to a GGG/pull start. They have a lot of new cool products as well. Check it out for yourself.
  11. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    I think that "s" is simpsonmotorbikes.com. they have pull starters that are a replacement for the magneto cover for $35.dollars. yet ive heard that these chinese pull starters are very cheap quality and break easily. whats the difference, you're gonna have to petal off befor you can pop the clutch.