pulled over and harrased in brisbane QLD

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    on Monday morning of this week I was riding my MB across a intersection and saw some police stopping at the stop light whilst I went through the green light at about 20kms an hour (if that, engine was still cold) and then I got a bit worried so I kept riding and about 100 meters up the road saw nothing so I pulled into a back street just in case, then these police come flying around the corner at at least 60kmph going on to the wrong side of the road (lucky it was early and there where no cars on the other side) and pull into a public driveway and parked there, then they proceeded to ask me some questions about the bike and why I was riding it then I told them it was the quickest way to work because the only other way I can get too work is to catch a train and 2 buses which takes about 1 and 1/2 hours compared to 20-30mins on my MB, ect, ect, so I said that it is a motorized push bike, ad that the engine was under 50cc's. Then one of them was standing there admiring my bike (the only good one) while the other one called some local police from banyo, and then another motorcycle cop from the boondal traffic division, so a total of 2 police cars and 1 motorcycle (which I seem to think was a little excessive for a little MB, anyway then they all proceed to look at the bike and one asks me some more questions about it and I then said "I called the local police at hendra and they said" "motorized push bikes are OK as long as they are under 50cc" then I said "but they said just to confirm with the traffic div at boondal" which I did and they said the same thing as the other station that I called, then the motorbike cop said to me, "bull**** why would I say that that f***ing piece of s**t was allowed on the road" then another proceeded to accuse me of the bike being home made, because the rear brakes where disconnected, because I had to take the rear wheel off to get the rear swing arm repaired and strengthened and hadn't hooked it back up (still had the front brakes though) by the way my bike is stingray chopper sytle it is one of the ones that some guy was selling in Sydney not too long ago, and he thought because the brakes where disconnected that they weren't for that bike therefore he thought it was homemade, and also because it had a 24" wheel on the front and the wide 20" on the rear, he thought that the front end was off a mountain bike, and I said to him in a calm voice "I just bought it off a guy in sydney who sells them so the engine will bolt strait on" then he said to my face "bull**** don't lie to me" then they where all talking for about 15 mins while the cool cop was talking to me about where I worked and stuff, then the guy on the motorbike left the, the other guys left then I had to walk the bike home, but surprisingly they said they would give me a lift to work (because I don't have any kind of license)

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    also the cop who was saying that the bike was dodgy kept asking me a question then when I answered him he kept saying like one question he said what is that sh*t on your exhaust (ice got a SBP expansion chamber and I put gasket goo on the silicon parts to help seal the exhaust properly) and I said "that its gasket goo to help seal the exhaust properly" then he said (in a sarcastic voice) "are you stupid do you know what a rhetorical question is" and acting like he was tuff to the other cops for picking on a 16 yr old.

    they said that they would call me and I have to go to the station in a week or so, so ill report how it goes then, I will wait to see if I get a fine to report the 4 of 5 officers (just because if I report them now they will make sure that I get the fines)
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    As an *ole fart* with some experience in such matters, I would say you got the introduction to a police tactic called good cop-bad cop. Sorry to hear you got hassled, but it is funny in a way. I once had seven cars respond to me being stopped for a burned out tail light. Then they found out I had a warrant out from 11 years before for an expired drivers license. (license expired on July 1, got pulled over July 11) I had paid the $50 fine, but didn't read the part about having to appear in court to prove I renewed the license.

    Turned out well though....as they brought me through the garage to process me, I asked about the 1928 Chevy paddy wagon they were restoring as a precint project. They needed a differential.....which I just happened to have. :grin5: Sold it to them for $800.00. Appeared in court the next day and the fine was $50.00. I had hauled the 1928 Chevy home from a demo project I had, so I guess I had nothing in it. $750 profit for a nights *work*....not too bad. :evilgrin:
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    Dunno whether you aware or not but you dont have a leg to stand on motorised bikes in Australia MUST no exceptions be no greater than 200watt output STOCK the HT 49cc bikes put out 750watt THEY ARE ILLEGAL..To top it off you have an expansion chamber on it increasing output further along with an inoperable brake..your lucky they weren't aware of the law, chances are they will be when you gotto the police station..Flaunt the law so long and you will get caught eventually..best of luck you will need it...at worst you could get fined for riding an un-registered unlicensed unroadworthy vehicle and have your bike confiscated, at best a warning.

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    Kim has it right. Our laws do say 200W.
    Also, to be frank, the cops don't like to see kids too young for a license riding/driving motor vehicles. I can understand that. Especially the chopper style, which look more like a motorcycle than a bicycle. With expansion chamber etc. as well.... that's a motorbike.
    We have to be careful here, we're on very thin ice.
    ... Steve
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    As much as I would like to do a chopper style or maybe a fake old timer, I remember that I want NO attention paid to me by the police and I come back to reality.
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    Yeah, if only heat-proof engine paint came in 'invisible'
    ... Steve
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    yes I know all this but just the way they acted about it, and the fact that I called 2 different police stations and asked if it was OK as long as they where under 50cc and they said yes.
  9. If the police did not give you or send you a summons then you dont have to go to any police station .
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    realy because they did not give me any papers or anything they said that they would just call, so I dont know if that counts?
  11. If they didnt give you any paperwork they are just messin with you .
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    wow that is a bit of a relief cause they said that they would call me though, mabey they where just making sure I never ride the bike again (which now I never will cause I dont want to go through that again)
  13. maybe just tone the bike down a little , make it as quiet as possible , thats the way I would approach it , I have a motorbike that looks a lot like a motorcycle , but its quiet and has pedals , if you have pedals its a bicycle , and under 50cc of course , take care .
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    Not being an Aussie, I can't say for sure, but cops being cops, I think that is the case. Especially being the age you are. It is possible the whole episode was preplanned to have just that effect.

    They probably didn't want to hit you with citations for everything they could have (non reg vehicle, no insurance etc etc, expensive stuff) so they decided to just scare heck out of you. Also, if you asked earlier, they have to cover their a$$ somehow for the answer, and this was their solution. Believe it or not, when a cop takes off his uniform, he is human too, and some of them do have some common sense. Not true in all cases, but in some.

    In Either case, I would disappear for a while, and maybe you can *arrange* to run into one of the cops off duty, and strike up a conversation. That's what happened with me with their paddy wagon project. See what happens. :grin5:
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    thanks for the advice but I do not want to get caught again, its not worth the fine's, if they do fine me for all the stuff the fine will be well over $1000 and that is a lot of money for a first year apprentice who only makes about $240 a week then take away $70 for Bord at home so I really don't want to get caught again.

    I get my license in 4 months anyway, there is a guy at work that lives nearby my house so maybe I can get a lift with him till then

    and yes I did call 2 local stations and they said that the bikes where ok as long as they where under 50cc.

    also by the way the fines would be for - unregistered motorbike, defective motorbike, no rego, no insurance, unlicensed rider, and a couple more.
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    So far as a tour bicyclist with and without a motor on different tours, i've been hassled more without a motor. Never have received any kind of ticket though.
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    200 watts

    That's all you get... sorry.

    In America it's a minimum of 750 watts (except NY which is still banning everything) or as high as 3 hp on a state by state basis.

    You got lucky.
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    Your age would have had ALOT to do with the Police Officers attitude, it's not right but its the way it is at times. If it was me or another older member im sure the outcome would have been different, if it even arose at all...I'm sorry that its happened you sound like a good lad, employed and most part trying to do the right thing, suck it up for a few months then get your license so you can legally drive a car about or a motorcycle...

    Drive safe when you do ...all the best with your apprenticeship too.


    tip: in future when pulled over ALWAYS be respectful Police are only doing their job (as mentioned above they are human) chances are they have just gotten a mouthful from the last bright ***** they pulled over, if you stick with "yes sir, no sir, thankyou sir" when speaking with the Police, you will benenifit in the long run...sounds a lil 'sucky' i know, but trust me if they want to be *******s they can and will, **** can get bad real quick if you give cops attitude.
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    ye, well ive got my learners and my dad has a few weeks off work at the begging of this year so he said that I could drive to work so I wont have to catch the train+bus for too long, or I may invest in an electric bike, acually I think I saw on the QLD gov. website awhile ago that we are allowed petrol scooters but I think they changed that law? and yes I believe that agreeing is the best way to go, they know they scared the s*** out of me and that I will not ride my bike again.

    And thanks for the advice too^^
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    Good for you. Sounds like you have things under control.