Pulled over for riding my Motor bike

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  1. 66cc-outlaw

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    I was fully obeying all traffic laws. This cop said I caught his attention because I passed someone on the right. That was total BS, because the car I supposedly passed on the right was turning left and was already a full 45degrees turned counter clockwise to make the left turn with the back tire just passing over the left lane when I throttled past. Here is a video clip of the encounter, what do you think about this skip to 3:35 for the conversation with the officer:
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  2. LR Jerry

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    The cop said exactly what I tell people in Florida all the time. You must qualify as a moped. If you're using a manual clutch that has to go also. Just like in a car you must wait for vehicle turning left to be completely out of your lane. Otherwise its passing to the right.

    Do what you need to do to comply with Florida's moped laws. This cop has pulled you twice now. The problems are only going to get worse for you; they aren't going to go away. Florida's laws say the operator can't shift gears however my bike shifts them automatically. Find out what you have to do to register a self built moped. Then meet the requirements of a moped.

    I live in Tennessee here you don't have to register the bike. However under 50 cc and automatic transmission is required. I don't have to have turn signals but do for my safety. I'm not siding with the cops but they know you now and will keep causing you problems. Your choices are continue to get tickets, comply with the moped laws or move to another state where the laws aren't as strict.

    Here is my bike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGDGIIdn--s&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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    I have a signed & notarzied document from the Bay Co. Florida Tax Collector that says you do NOT need to register a MB.....PM me & I will email a copy of same to you
  4. LR Jerry

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    There's lots of motor vehicles you don't have to register. But that doesn't mean you can operate them on the public roadways. Those vehicles are considered off road vehicles in Florida. From all I've read of Florida law if its got a combustion engine on it and is to be used on the public roadways then the vehicle must be registered and meet braking and lighting requirements. Your options are meet moped requirements or build electric.
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    You are lucky.

    In Australia, the police can hit you up for $2,500 worth of traffic tickets if you are riding a bike with an internal combustion engine, (and that's if you have a full motorcycle licence and are complying with all the road rules when moving down the road) as they have effectively been outlawed by new legislation.
  6. Big Red

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    In California you need EVERYTHING except turn signals. Including an M2 license and a moped registration. The M2 and reg. the cops don't really care too much about. But lights at night and a HELMET they get pretty sticky about.
    If you look good and aren't acting a fool, (running stops, ect,) the cops pretty much leave you alone here.
    I think the cop gave you a break, especially since he already warned ya once.
    Big Red.
  7. Old Bob

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    You got off easy,if you were in CT you would have been tazed and arrested.
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  8. sactownie

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    you had to have done something to attract his attention. that bike just looks like a bike.
  9. slickdude

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    Stuck a sound system on my SoCal new Ebike just built Big Red. For my sound system I use a GE 228 Turbofan cranked loud. Rode past the police, they smiled and waived, was in the street and bike path. I waived back and one yelled he liked my handlebars.

    Ironically, most people don't like music because some like certain toons. They also get irritated by the bell to move over, thinking it rude, but a "Mock" jet engine bike, well now everyone is polite. Damned sound works :p good, might keep it, though I really do miss my tunes when riding.

    Hey in California there is a nice loophole on motorized bicycles on bike paths. If any part of the bike path is "Adjacent to a road" a motorized bicycle is permitted. Their written legislation not mine and luving it for now. You know Big Red my friend, I think the thing here is just common sense. Not make waves, be safety conscious and not be a dork on the bike paths etc or being too aggressive but mainly safe and the cops roll with it. They seem to be very flexible. Even when I have ridden above 20, they are very lenient at least in Cali. Only city to stay shy of is the town of Ventura. Nasty bunch there to cyclists.
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  10. sactownie

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    good info, slick dude do you wear a helmet? everyone says that you will get pulled over if you don't have one on?

  11. Saddletramp

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    I have a staunch habit of being nice to Cops. My Bike runs 20 mph max. 17 is normal/I say. It's a bicycle. I Say. Enjoy the outdoors, I say, I feel the love of riding. Thank You for protecting Me.
  12. Westcoaster

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    On the CA moped registration form, there's a question about cycle having automatic transmission. Do you answer "yes" to that? If answering "no", the form says you can't register as a moped.

    Also, you can get a M2 designation on your Class C driver license, but, it comes as a permit first (after filling out the application, paying the fee, vision test, passing written test on road rules & motorcycle law). Once you get the permit, you can ride, but, not after dark or carrying other people. Then, to get the M2 license, you have to take a 'skills' test with the DMV or a CHP approved motorcycle course.
    So, how does that work if you don't own a "real" moped?

    I think the CHP approved course would be out of the question for a engine assisted bicycle. They'd say 'get lost'. I guess the DMV would have to administer the moped skills test then.

    Seems like I can get the M2 permit, but, getting the M2 license and then getting the DMV to register the bicycle seems iffy to me. I think the permit is only good for 1 year and then you have to start all over once it expires.
  13. Big Red

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    might as well get the M1 instead of the M2. The test and fees are the same, The plate for your bike is easy. you dont have to deal with some idiot behind the counter. just fill out the form and send a $20 money order with it. The plate is good for life, NO yearly registration
    heres the form,
    Big Red.
  14. Big Red

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    As I recall it say's that once the engine is enguaged it has to operate automaticly, So a manual clutch is OK.
    and yeah ya gotta use a REAL motorcycle for the test.
    Big Red.
  15. slickdude

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    Electric Papamotors 1000 watt motor, make sure the controller has a "Limitor" plug option. When you plug that in which takes about two seconds to do, it tops out at 20 mph. In California 1000 watts and a Limitor means Class 406B which means you can ride bike paths etc. legally. When you want more speed and range, unplug the limitor plug and go for it. Make sure the coast is clear. I have found the police in the L.A. area pretty flexible and tolerant of green transportation, the majority of people are thumbs up to me and smiles so far with a few exceptions. As long as you are keeping safety in mind, most will give you a pass with a smile.
  16. Stoltzee

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    Passing on the right is one of those wild card laws. I got pulled over for passing a police car on the freeway at 10 pm. I was in the right lane with my Cruz control set at 65 mph. The cop was in the middle lane (# 2) doing 55 mph. There wasn't another car in site either. He waited for about 2 1/2 miles for me to catch up to him, and when I got beside him I started to exit the freeway. he swooped in behind me and pulled me over on the street. The first thing he said was "I stopped you for passing me on the right." Someone had reported me as a drunk driver, and since I wasn't swerving, and my speed was consistent he had no probable cause to stop me. So he used the "Passing On The Right" wild card.
  17. sactownie

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    I had a sheriff deputy that was passing me and slowed to pace me the other day while I was doing about 35mph going down a slight downhill I was in 8th gear with my shifter bike so the motor wasn't making much noise. As soon as I started pedaling the bike (when I saw him on the side of me) he immediately floored it in his patrol car and just went on his merry way.
    Seems as long as they see you have pedals hooked to your feet they will just leave you alone? In good ole californicaction anyway!
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  18. Westcoaster

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    Got it in just under 2 weeks.. that was fast. M1/M2 permit will be next. Even emailed my insurance agent and for all the years he's been in that business, he's never gotten a request for a motorized bicycle (GEBE in my case). Still, he looked into it and got me some price quotes.

    Still, even with all this, I plan to get the bike properly outfitted and ride discretely obeying the traffic laws. The GEBE kit doesn't look like a motorcycle and with lots of ghost pedaling and my muffler silencer kit, should be pretty discrete.
  19. dchevygod

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    Every time I put the full face skull bucket on I get hassled! Though I DON'T stay under the 20mph limit " come on I can pedal that fast! " I was ticketed twice for driving on a suspended on my MB! Fought and won both cases. The cops just gave me the wrong citations. I was breaking the speed limit for a MB and they don't have a charge for that In AZ?! The second ticket he paced me at 43 and gave me all the tickets he thought he could. Sus lic, no registration, no ins and no m1/2 license. I just smiled at him while he wrote them, started my bike and putted away. After I pulled the law up on my phone and read it verbatim, he was ****ed! Sorry but I'm not wrong for doing it either. I still had to fight it in court, both times I brought a picture of my bike showed the prosecutor and he dropped the charges, LOL stupid cop!
  20. bteneriello

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    that sucks !!!! you caught a real **** cop,,,,,i hate to say it but hes right!!!! you do have to have lights .......I just went through the same thing here in florida only I got taken to jail