pulled over in Iowa.



Well, 2 dumbass 10 year olds are riding a old 50cc Honda moped and just halling ass everywhere in my neighborhood, almost getting hit. Someone calls the cops on them low and behold Im out taking a cruise on my Schwinn stingray, i see the cop so i imminently go on the side walk and start peddling he pulls up next to me and tells me to take it home, I told him that federal law states under 20mph its allowed to be classified as a bicycle. He said he would get back to his boss and ask him, then asked for my address. He came by and told me that his commander told him it's not allowed, but if i wanted to I could print off the DOT page and take it to the police office. Then he told me he did'nt get a call about myself but the two little dumbass's quote who are tearing s**t up.

Sigh I hate my neighborhood, everyone is cool with me riding my bike because I'm 16 and i look like I'm around 19-20. Guess i was just unlucky today -_-.
Also I'm going to need to ask, anyone know where I can snag a turn signal/break kit? I'm planing on taking a moped course to allow me to ride this legally and get it registered.
Schwinn Stingrays

The problem with these stingrays is that they look like motorcycles and not a bicycle. You will get pulled over on this motorassisted bicycle because of the way it looks. You should have put your motor on a Trek or some kind of a bicycle looking bicycle. If you know what I mean. What you want to do is look like a bicycle at all times. It helps for sure.. Thanks..Enjoy the ride...
Jman- you could rig up a set up where you push a momentary switch to activate a "brake" light. Same goes for the turn signals.

Go to the local Radio Shack and tell them what you want to set up. Use bright, oversized LED's

Also you may want to run a rechargeable NiCad pack on it.
Hey a fellow CR boy . . .
Cedar Rapids is where I grew up,
now living in southern California . . .

I would just print the page and take it to the cop shop. . .
If you get a light kit and register that then
you will have to have insurance as well and
that just seems like alot of extra work rather
then just taking a piece of paper down . . .
haha cool to hear Jfleck, not much to do in CR. Might go to radio shack (if the entire mall has not gone bankrupt) today and get it set up soon :).
l have a stingray and have been pulled over twice, the first time the cop was kewl and just wanted to take some pics. the second time, the cop told me that these were ilegal to ride on the streets, thats when l pulled out the new ARS(arizona Revised Statutes)and handed it to him. there wasn't much he said after that. l also went to the police station and showed my bike to them and the policeofficer told me its up to the cop if want to screw with you or not. which is very wrong. l'll ride my bike wether they screw wtih me or not. there is alot worse things the po po should be worried about. fight for your right!!!!!!!!
the proper use of Tact

I think we all have seen those who flaunt the use of either a moped, scooter, bike of some sort in our time. As a kid growing up, I would have killed for the opportunity to have such toys. I grew up with literally nothing fun in the form of Mopeds, gokarts or scoots. But the kids in my neighborhood have been given everything. I see kids on 2 stroke scooters, gopeds and such getting in trouble in the summers, even riding dangerously and doing burnouts using 49cc Scooters and Dish Soap under the real wheel. Dummies. Goped kids also fighting traffic and causing attention to themselves. This brings the police in more often now, checking for violations. Not as often as you would think, but it makes me be cautious. My 12 yr old is only allowed to use her 49cc scooter when I direct her to, if at all. Now the neighbors hate the sound of the 2 stroke motors, especially if you hang in one area too long, or zip up and down your street and annoy the eldery. When they become our age, they will join us in the fight, and there will be a new crop of young ones to battle. Its that scenario where you tell them now, but they wont get it for another 10 years. I think it is ongoing. Be thankful that proper handling of police officers as an adult leads to no tickets, if you simply use TACT. I have gone 30 over the limit before, and never gotten a ticket. Respect and proper handling for what police do, and responsibility for what you have done is all you need. Most officers dont want the extra work. For those who were in the military, it is obvious. For the rest, well.......
The kids who have been running racing riding lawnmowers around the neighborhood and then into the commercial areas just got busted and their machine impounded, heheh. Storage fees suck, I suggest getting a moped sticker, that shows that you are legal.