Pulled over in Mesa, AZ by misinformed cop

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    I was riding my bike,


    and I had stopped to cross the street when a cop who was turning at the intersection decided to pull me over. At first I thought he just wanted me to move, but then he stopped his car and called me over. He asks me, "Do you know the law concerning motorized bikes in the bike lane?" He asked the wrong dude.:devilish:

    I was fully informed of the laws in my state which say that I "may use rights-of-way designated for the exclusive use of bicycles." When I told him I was allowed to use the bike lane, he got out his clipboard to check his cheat sheet and found that I was right. I also had a copy of the statute in my wallet, which I whipped out, but he got to it first. He let me go and apologized.

    The moral of the story is, know your laws. If I had not known my local statutes I might have ended up having to fight a fallacious ticket. As it was I got an apology. As the boy scout motto goes, "Be Prepared."

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    Amen to that statement!
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    Whereabouts in Mesa, hms? I got a speeding ticket in my car on Higley, north of Brown, last week.
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    Good for You!

    You did everything exactly right! I hope more riders follow your example.
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    thanx y'all

    I got the text of the statute, and the Idea of carrying it about with me from someone on this website, so thanks to the community for working to inform bikers. I was at the Dobson & Main train station btw, the cop stopped me right in front of the bus stop. I felt a little of satisfaction from 'stickin' it to the man'.:evilgrin:

    I also got the double-gun-points/headnod from a random brother that same day a mile from the train station. Motored bikes always seem to illicit strange responses from pedestrians and other motorists. Turning heads is part of the fun.
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    carrying the statute has saved me from a waste-of-time ticket a few times as well ;)
    glad it went well for you :)
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    one of the first things I'm going to fabricate is a leather tool bag for the handlebars (I don't have the bike yet)... one of my tools will be a copy of the local laws!