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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ToyWorks, Aug 4, 2011.

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    I am still trying to figure out why my motor from BOYGOFAST won't run. I purchased and replaced the Magneto Coil and the CDI Coil and still it won't start. I have put fuel in the plug hole also. I haven't checked the compression, but it seems to be good. It has not fired one lick in the 10 days I have been trying to start it. I am about at the end of my rope with this thing. Does anyone have any other ideas?
    I have already had to buy the coils on my own because Rick at Boygofast blew me off.
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  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Replace spark plug/boot and wire
    Because new CDI and Coil shouldn't be bad they can be.
    Disconnect the kill switch.
    Cut white wire off.
    Check wires..black to black, blue to blue. Magneto to CDI
    What is the compression?
    Do you have any fire to the plug.
    Woodruff keys might be missing from factory.

    I have already had to buy the coils on my own because Rick at Boygofast blew me off.

    One more...It's a Piece of @@@@ from BGF. That was your FIRST mistake.
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    I think I may have discovered a problem with the float assembly. I finally got it to run, but it doesn't idle well, keeps dying. When I first got the kit, there was no fuel flowing into the bowl because the needle was stuck shut and the float arms were stuck also. I got them freed up, but now I need to set the float properly. Does anyone have any specs on float setting?
    Al, I know it's a hunk of junk, but I'm just trying to get it running so I can sell the thing and re-coop some money....LOL Chinese engines are worthless junk.
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    OK, I actually got to test ride it.....Yipppppee It doesn't want to idle very well, and there's a chirping squeaking kind of leak somewhere on the engine I need to track down. I tried tightening the exhaust bolts but it didn't help.
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    i only had problems with bgf twice one on a friction drive and one on a pull start for a 2 stroke motor rick sent me replacement parts real fast i think a lot of the problems that he doesnt fix is cause of the customers attitude if you come off rude or arrogant of course he dont wanna work with you but you be real nice and exlplain the problem nicely and calmly he will generally work with you on stuff he has sent me bearings carbs and clutches for my friction drive free and he paid shipping and rember he only resales them he doesnt open none of the boxes either you get them the way they come from china .
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    Is that you Rick? ....Nice Try
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    it's possible your fuel isn't flowing properly because of a vacuum effect in the tank. The caps are SUPPOSED to be vented, but sometimes they seal better than they are supposed to. While you have it idling, loosen the gas cap. If the engine gains a significant amount of power from just doing that, you know you will have to vent the cap.

    Drilling a tiny hole in the center all the way through all of the bits and pieces that is the cap will be enough to vent it. If your bike has to live outdoors, and in the potential rain, you will need to come up with a way to cover the hole while keeping the hole breathing.

    But before you do any drilling, at least test to see if loosening the cap does the trick...
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    see, here's another guy with an engine that he can't get running, right away calling ALL chinese engines peices of junk.
    as usual, it turns out that the engine was fine, just needed some minor adjusting (they all do).
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    squeaking chirps are head gaskets leaking ;) tighten up them head nuts.

    all china engines are junk. its why almost every bleeding car part is manufactured in china... :D
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