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  1. How do I put a pullstart on? It makes wierd sounds when I yank and the string gets stuck and won't return. When I take off the pullstart to check what's up the string then winds back in. On the engine side there is a pawl with a spring but I don't understand how it is supposed to go on or what I am doing wrong. I have a tanaka 35 cc. With my zenoah g43 l I just attached the pullstart in and it magically worked. This tanaka is giving me grief. Any ideas?
    FYI I got this pull start brand new off eBay.

    This seems like such a no brainer question but in all my years I have had nothing that stumped me like this

    I dont have any pics but if any of you could tell me if there is a special procedure I need to do because of this pawl thingy or if you guys just bolt on the pullstart and it magically works.

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    When the pull start is installed you are binding something. Most likely the rope holder as the spring seems to work fine. I've run across the same thing on lawnmower pull starters and I had to grease the surfaces that rub together.
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  3. Yea i know fur sure it is binding, but I dont know if it is just supposed to "catch" or if there is a little trick to the process that I am not privy to.

    Believe it or not the info on this is almost non existent on the net, which is unbelievable.

    I bet there is a trick to it. But on my other engines I just simply bolt the pullstart on, pull it a few times and then worry about how I am going to pay my rent, not worry about why it is not catching.

    I just dont know.

    Maybe the pullstart is a **** of sheet
  4. I got tired of trying to troubleshooting this. I decided to say f the pull start and go with the portable drill. I got a socket that fit the pull start catch and pressed the trigger. Bad boy fires right up. I now want an electric start. Pull starts are for zipper heads.