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  1. So, I was on youtube today, and I saw some videos of pulse jet bikes. The top speed of the one I saw about 85! I was just wondering if anyone on this forum has made one of these or knows anyone that does. I personally think these things are cooler than heck... :)

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    Saturn V rocket engines are my favorite. They'll really give ya a boost.
  3. The first pulse jet engines I know of were used on WW II Germany's V-1 missles, mistakenly called rockets. They had the characteristic pulse jet hum or buzz, thus the reason the Brits called them buzz bombs. They used mechanically operated shutters on the jet intake to allow the combustion chamber to be pressurized by the ram effect of the engine moving throught the air, then slamming shut during the combustion cycle and as the expanded hot combusted gas escapes out the exhaust pipe, creating thrust, the shutters then open again, causing fresh air to again pressurize the compression chamber where fuel(usually kerosene) is injected then ignited by one or more spark plugs. As you can see, the pulse jet is a 4 cycle combustion engine rather different from the continous combustion of a turbojet. They also required a "booster" rocket to get them up to a speed where they could begin to compress the air for combustion. Modern designs are somewhat simpler without the complex and troublesome mechanically operated shutters of the V-1. They still have the pulsing buzz sound and are simpler, but less powerful, than the continous combustion of a turbo or fan jet. I believe pulse jets are incapable of faster than sound flight, but my information may be way out of date. A pulse jet can be reconfigured in flight, as the speeds rise high enough, to become a ramjet, which is fully capable of trans-sonic flight. The biggest drawback to their use on a bike may be the massive amount of noise they make. I can't imagine a cop who would ignor the volumn of sound it would produce, unless, of course, he was deaf. :)
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    I was thinking to really get some speed lets put a turbo on that puppy.


    Pulse jets are cool, I built a few in my youth in hopes of using one in a R.C. plane. Small scale didn't use shutters but more of a reed valve and ran on gasoline. No fuel pump so you had to pressurize the fuel tank to 25psi.
    The first one used a spray can as the combustion chamber. A model"T" buzz coil and a blast of compressed air through the intake was all it took to get started. It is still to this day the loudest thing I have ever heard!! It had everybody in the neighborhood looking. Clamped in a vise in my dad's garage, 4 foot blue flame out the back it was cool until the combustion chamber started to melt and fuel started spraying out over the work bench. Boy was dad mad that day!!!
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