puma stretch project

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  1. tacoshell4

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    this is what i started with and the seat tube was hacked out first
    then i cut out the rear top tubes and made it a whole new shape so i could fit the motor as far back and low as possible
    then rewelded my rear end and made motor mount
    was able to complete one gas tank half today the other half will be tomorrow
    I still have to change the frt end weld in the fuel bung and petcock bung and build the pipe and button it up after a fesh coat of metalic white

  2. Wheres my dog

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    Mister Taco...

    Very nice bike, very nice work, and VERY nice welding skills you have there!!!!
  3. tacoshell4

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    thank you!!! hoping to pull a marathon for the rest of the weeek thats why im heading to work now to get it out of the way
  4. azbill

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    cool looking stretch there Taco :)
    always good to see a custom design ;)
  5. vegaspaddy

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    nice work taco i commend your skills... now if only i lived next door to one of you guys...

    have fun building.... VP
  6. tacoshell4

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  7. ncaos

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    very good
  8. skipsmith

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    Dude......this looks fantastic!! Be sure and post more photos:idea: