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    Is this Puma engine just another nasty Chinese 2 stroke?

    What is its hp, cc & reputation?

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    From the looks of it, it looks like a mits tle43 clone which i have on a friction drive.
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    Is the engine attached to anything?? can you get more pics of all angles???
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    The "Puma Tornado" is a Chinese clone of another engine.

    Mine came with a separate fuel tank.

    Is there any fuel tank from another model (Tanaka, Mitsubishi etc?) that would bolt on underneath it?


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    The Puma is a 40cc engine. This "ST340" almost identical is a 35cc engine

    It has a fuel tank that attaches underneath it, but which won't fit the Puma.

    They are all cheap but effective Chinese engines, probably from the same inscrutable factory.

    Anyone know, especially in the Bay Area, if there is such a tank available that'll fit?
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