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  1. spunout

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    i'm no English major, so, whatever....
    example ive noticed a trend all over the web and im not liking what i see have any of you noticed the total and complete lack of at least some punctuation it makes it really hard to understand where one question sentence begins and ends you should forget all about quotation marks also my dad said there seems to be a lack of them he continued unless theyre being used inappropriately for emphasis omg my pet peeve which happens more and more frequently i dont mean words like dont cant or shouldnt for example we all get the meaning where the apostrophe ' is missing i mean there just isnt any punctuation at all to be found in the entire message its kind of frustrating you know if the spelling is bad that itself doesnt bother me too much and not separating the sentences is also kind of a pain

    example: ive noticed a trend all over the web. and im not liking what i see.
    have any of you noticed the total and complete lack, of at least some punctuation? it makes it really hard to understand where one question/sentence begins or ends.
    "you should forget all about quotation marks, also.", my dad said. "there seems to be a lack of them.", he continued. unless, theyre being used inappropriately for emphasis, (omg! my pet peeve!) which, happens more and more frequently.
    i dont mean words like "dont", "cant", "shouldnt" for example (we all get the meaning), where the apostrophe (') is missing. i mean, there just isnt any punctuation at all to be found in the entire message. its kind of frustrating, you know? if the spelling is bad, that itself doesnt bother me too much.
    and, not separating the sentences is kind of a pain.

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  2. srdavo

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    I'm "Guilty" about this one. In the future, I'll try to use bold print for emphasis.
    I use Italics for my personal opinions & sarcasm. It's up to you to figure out which, is which! :tt2:
    I purposely omit the apostrophe in the word "aint". :whistling: :rolleyes7:

    I recently asked a member to put some paragraphs in his posts.... & this is what I got.......

    :smilielol5: Be careful of what you ask for. :grin5:

    So, Happy..... do you like these........? I use a lot of these.......!

    I feel like I communicate much better in print.
    If you have ever spoken with me..... you'd likely agree!

    you know what they say "You can take the boy outta the country...."

    smokin bacon.jpg pigs in a blanket!!

    :rofl: :smilielol5:
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes, it is a pain.

    What I do is try to read it anyway. If it seems like the person has something worthwhile to say, then I just suffer through it. If not, then I move on.

    I figure that if they can't write or think, it's not worth my time.
  4. KilroyCD

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    Yeah, I find that kind of message a bit tiresome to read as well. But while we're on the subject of pet peeves, you might add those that use texting abbreviations all throughout the post. I don't mean the occasional "OMG" or anything like that, but literally when the whole post is peppered with them. But that's my two cents, and two cents doesn't buy much anymore...:whistling:
  5. spunout

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    "be careful what you ask for" i hear ya.

    i was specifically talking about a video comment on youtube. it was so long and devoid of any punctuation, that i quit reading it.

    at my bank, the poster says something like, 'we want to make sure you're "completely satifisfied."' are you positive?

    at work, our name plates say "made in USA" in quotation marks. when i see that, it makes me feel theres more to the story. like, perhaps it really wasnt made in the USA.

    i have my share of bad grammer/spelling/punctuation, and nobodys perfect. it just seems to be more of the 'dumbing down' of america.
  6. Mountainman

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    guilty -- I do admit

    not exactly sure where I picked up this abbreviated form of writing
    this all happened since I came to this site -- no it's not the sites fault

    I was contacted by a member through pm many months ago
    regarding my broken sentences
    I asked him if he was a moderator -- he said no
    since I hadn't heard anyTHING from the site moderators
    I have continued to do what I do

    would I want to see my kids writing such as this ? don't think so

    I just won't show them or tell them

    hope that you all can put up with me as we ride those things
  7. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    You know, I've always thought that our society has a bit of an anti-intellectual bias.
    If you try to speak like an english major people will give you strange looks, maybe raise an eyebrow. And then mock you behind your back.

    I actually have "dumbed down" my speech since I was a twenty-something. I don't often admit it; it feels cowardly. But I have to live with these people.

    And it seems to have gotten worse in my lifetime. Consider the folks you mix with daily at work. There's a few subjects that you can discuss with any of them; work itself, sports with some, and what's on TV with anyone.

    Do you overhear conversations that deal with any other subject? I don't.
  8. spunout

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    Peace Goodmountain: everyone enjoys your posts! i havent seen anything goofy with them.

    a guy at work, was complaining about the Dominicans and Spanish-speaking employees. in the breakroom, they always speak spanish. nothing wrong with that, thats their deal. BUT he says "i wish they would talk american." !!!! with that, i informed him that their English is better than his.

    MOTORMAC SAID: "Spunout, you are just as guilty, looking at your post above you also have a long way to go to improve your grammar.This really is not my place to correct anyone but just to point it out.
    Heres a couple of examples of your post.
    The first word of every sentence should start with a capital letter, in your post every sentence starts with i.
    Commas in the correct places help too.
    Not to be mean or rude, but I am on several other different forums as well and by far the 2 M.B. forums show the worst grammar of any I have seen.
    Perhaps because of age? some of the posters on this forum are older and come from a time when computers were not a part of life?
    Education level? do posters here have a lower level of schooling?
    It does'nt matter to me or to all of you for that matter, the important thing is I really enjoy this forum and am thankful for all the help it has given me.
    The grammer here is really a non issue. Keep posting the best way you can!!"

    i know. theres a million mistakes i make, and its not because i dont KNOW whats correct, i just dont want to take time to do it right.

    i want to clarify, its not too much of what im seeing here, but in the world in general.

    i wish i hadnt said anything because now it looks like some feelings may have been hurt and that really wasnt my intention do you know what im saying and furthermore lets just forget the whole thing and as for what im going to do now i have to test my bike to see if the aluminum foil covering the engine will fix the carb icing problem cuz its 21 degrees and its snowing like Hades but that isnt going to stop me we're all die hard motoredbikers and a little bad weather doesnt stop us
  9. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Not mine, and I goof up plenty. (punktoachtion and spe77ing)
    My favorite posts are the ones that are reasonably short and to the point.

    Heres one of my old spelling threads that I find amazing.
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  10. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    good THING it's a simple message -- for Mountainman

    certainly no feelings hurt up top of the old (God's) mountain here

    we keep it pretty simple up (mountain) top side
    hard to mess it up
    main message sent

    ride that motor bike thing

    life short no time waste
    fun motor bike ride
    enjoy sweet taste
    freedom in heart
    is what we find
    used to be other things
    now motor bike's the kind
  11. fazratz

    fazratz New Member

    My God your OLD

    I'm a 50 year old man who still likes to talk to people and I really think if I wanted to be in school I would be there! there did u understand that i mean heck give the rest of the world a break let us b what we want 2 b 1 im no perv but heck i still realize im alive not ready 2 crawl n2 my grave jus yet i own 2 mbs n i own 2 skateboards or decks as the stupid kids like 2 call them i still jam on my electric guitar n like 2 play guitar hero u c i got on this site bcause i like mbs not 2 have 2 learn my abcs i know them n my life ive helps people get their geds n im really proud of myself 4 that now if i nsulted u then mayb u need 2 look n the mirror n figure out y the world dosnt revolve around ur out of date ideas!!!!!!! Ok now I've put my 2 cents into your comment:dunce:
  12. MotorMac

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    Humm, I deleted my post because after writing it I realized I may hurt some feelings, and thought my post may cause an uproar.Thats the last thing I would want to do.
    Spunout, you must have answered it before I deleted it, thats ok, and my apologies too if I did offend anyone.
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hey Mac -- you ok ?

    hey Mac -- you ok

    the getting older day by day Mountainman guy thinks that

    noTHING hurt and we are all doing fine !!!

    let's not forget -- we are the big motor bike riders !!!

    we can take whatever may be dished out !!!

    We are tough - we never get enough - of that sweet motor bike stuff
    who would ever want to mess with that !!!

    all go take a ride on that MB thing
  14. KilroyCD

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    Thanks for adding your two cents to the discussion, but you missed the point I was making. I was merely voicing a pet peeve of mine because, for me reading a message in texting lingo is tiresome. It doesn't flow well for me. I have to go back and re-read it to make sure I got it right. It's just me. I'm certainly not saying that I would like everyone to write posts the same way I do. My God, I'm the most boring person I've ever met! If everyone spoke or wrote as formally as I, then we'd all bore everyone stiff! :thinking:
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  15. arceeguy

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    No, it's not just you - I get a little annoyed when people use text/chat room lingo when posting on a message board.

    I can fully understand why you need to abbreviate words in a fast paced chat room, or when texting a quick message on your phone. However, when you are posting in a message board, you have all the time you need and a full sized keyboard, so don't be lazy.

    My posts may have spelling/grammatical errors, (and I am the king of run on sentences!) but for the most part, they are easy to read and understand. (IMHO) :jester:
  16. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I draw the line when people say word choice and spelling don't matter and the same folks are trying to describe something technical and their English is so poor, it's going to make matters worse!

    The interesting thing, IMHO, most of the language butchers are third, forth, fifth, etc generation English speakers. Yikes.

    But I'm not going to hop on someone's case because they incorrectly spell "color", "colour". :jester::grin5:
  17. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    I'm certainly glad of that old chap, because I spell colour that way. It's the British way of spelling it (and I've been accused many times of having been born on the wrong side of the pond). :wacko2:
  18. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    It was a joke. And Aussies say we have no sense of humour!:devilish:
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  19. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    I realize it was tongue in cheek, as was my reply! :stuart:
  20. sparky

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    Improper punctuation doesn't bother me as much as thuggish speak. Pieces me off 'cause I know a bunch of thugs, living in the Dirty South and all... and they didn't talk like that when we were younger. Just popped up with MTV.