Stolen Purpls girls frame modified to hold a happytime framemount engine stolen

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    Purple girls frame modified to hold a happytime framemount engine stolen

    While the forum was down the metal post that my OLD Motorized bicycle was chained and padlocked to was cut in half.

    My purple and white wallmart bike has an Old kings bushing engine white front suspension forks.
    Two brand new kenda whitewall 26 inch tires with no mor flats tubes.
    Tractor style seat with glued on orange reflector.
    Black front rack, and black folding rear rack.

    This engine is extremely hard to start first start of the day.
    I do not think the thief can start it is so old LOL.

    It was almost ready to be replaced .
    Worn out
    I actually am angry about the wheels, seat, and baskets.

    I have a gp460 with a rackmount transmission and double freewheel is almost ready to replace it.

    The theft attempts are getting bad here.
    A Gp 460 bike with cvt had so many theft attempts in broad daylight I keep it inside and don't even take it shopping.anymore.
    They did not cut the locks they cut the steel pole it was locked to.

    Bull head city Arizona.
    Across the Colorado river from Laughlin Nevada.

    P.S. the engine has chunks of timing belt glued between the fins with red permatex.
    The clutch cover has black carpet glued on to silence the noise.
    The exhaust is a cut up set of handlebars with an ACE hardware muffler screwed in place with a 3/4 inch Galvanized coupling.
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  2. azbill

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    sorry to hear the bad news :(
    'find 'em and hang 'em !!!'
    that's my philosophy
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    Thanks azbill !
  4. spad4me

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    It took a while to find something out .
    The person who stole it lives near me.
    It is used on the first and the fifteenth to pick up stuff.
    The outside temp is 105 plus so I wont be waiting outside.
    I will catch him eventually.
    It is now painted black.
  5. azbill

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    good luck :)
    lay a beating on his sorry arse for all of us if/when you catch him ;)