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Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by bikeman6969, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. bikeman6969

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    Does anybody have any ideas on how I could hook this up to my bicycle? I built it, but I am having trouble hooking it up to my bike.I don't know if it should pivot or if it should be solid. If anybody has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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  2. wavygravy

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    good luck on the build! is that a 50 cc engine?
  3. ZnsaneRyder

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    Yes, that's a 50cc engine.

    It's so beautiful!
  4. ZnsaneRyder

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    Make it pivot at the bike seat post so you can make turns. It's the simplest and most effective way of mounting your trailer without a complicated hitch add-on for the bike. Two pipes with a bolt before and after the seat post, and one in the seat post of the bike to keep it steady. Since your trailer is ONE wheel, make the hitch tight, so the trailer goes more with the bike. Even though my trailer is two-wheeled, you can look at my gallery if you want any ideas that may help.

    Your trailer looks clean, and simple, but effective. After you get a few runs in, you'll need to change the 10" tire, because the treads will wear off and it will go flat. Try the Marathon or Amerityre flat-free solid poly tires to replace that rubber tire, and you will get less bounce on bumps, along with never getting a flat!

    It looks like you have a nice workshop area to complete your Push Trailer project!

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  5. bikeman6969

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    yes it is a 50cc+146cc hehehe
  6. wavygravy

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    gee that makes it non compliant & ileagal- 146 cc as a motorized bicycle -motor assisted , according to the fed does not fly! see ya at the dmv!
  7. SimpleSimon

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    Without checking CT law I can't be sure, but in most states trailers are legally seperate vehicles. Its not a bicycle, it's a unicycle trailer.
  8. ZnsaneRyder

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    Seriously wavygravy, STOP HATING on everyone that has over 50cc of engine.

    Why don't you go and hate on all the 52cc, 70cc, and 80cc people here at MBc while your at it.

    Also, DON'T forget the whizzer guys, gotta hate on them too. Those whizzer engines are just WAY too big to have here!

    Post something useful, and stop RUINING our forum with this garbage.

    H A T E R
  9. bikeman6969

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    This is all well and good, but can anyone answer the question that i originally posted? (see top of page).
  10. Rgvkid

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    Search through under Push Trailer or Pusher. You will get some pics of previous builds. Most use a an kids bike trailer and modify to the pusher. Im in the works of gathering material for mine and i will most likely just buy a used kid bike trailer for $40 so i can use the mount and swivel . Then i will weld the bar to my trailer granted i can find one made of steel and not aluminum. For $40-$50 bucks it might just be easier to buy one then to fabricate. Stop by your local bike shop and check out the kid bike trailer attachment on ideas.

    Keep us posted on how it runs. My main concern is the power on hillclimbs. I will be using the 6.5HP from Harbor Freight.

    Thanks For the pics. Im planning on just registering mine with the CA. DMV so i don't have to worry to much about the legalities. You might want to look into the gear ratios on the jack shaft so you get the most out of the engine for your needs. Znsaneryder has some great first hand advice on his project and materials. He can help you with gear ratio ideas also.

    Let us know how the project turns out. Check out this link.

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  11. wavygravy

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    no hate here! just the origional focus of what a motoredbike is! a motor assisted bicycle under 50 cc with pedals,under 30 mph. if this is not the focus as it origionally was when this forum was formed, some of us founding members have never strayed away from that in spite of all the funboyisim! the only reason zaneryder is attacking me is because i pm'd him to tell him how selfish it was to fly around at mach speed repeatedly being stopped by cops as posted in previous posts, not being a good ambasador for furthering the true so called movement of motoredbikeing as it once was! respect for the future of other motoredbikers should be a major concern if you really are true of heart for the cause! as far as any other motored gizmo each individual will have to decide as to how much guff they want to deal with in concern to the local law enforcemnt ect! all i ask is they act like adults while doin so as not to make it bad for the rest of us!! long live the movement!! as it were!
  12. wavygravy

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    just stateing the facts zaneryder!
  13. ZnsaneRyder

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    I am a true MotoredBike enthusiast as others here too.

    I'm not attacking wavygravy, but I'm telling him to stop attacking others here on this forum. LETS ENJOY OUR HOBBY!

    In fact, wavygravy ATTACKED ME in my PM box with harrassing garbage, then when he didn't like my response, THAT'S when he started attacking OTHERS here on this forum.

    I'm UNSELFISHLY DEFENDING ALL the people here at MBC that want to build whatever bike they want. I'm also defending the starter of this thread. Let him build his trailer. Is he going to return his engine back to HF because wavygravy said so? I think NOT.

    Wavygravy, you have NO CONTROL as to what happens with people's builds. YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY HERE AT ALL. NONE. People will build what they want. If the moderators object to what projects and builds are posted, let THEM handle it.

    Wavygravy, I have NO personal problem with YOU, or anyone here on this forum. I DO have a problem when your posts are trying to ruin someone's dreams of building their unique creations. Why repeatedly state the facts when we know what they are, it won't make a difference. There IS other people NOT on this forum or any forum that are also building big engine bikes of some sort, you can't stop the world from building bikes because of FEAR of the law. I DON'T LIVE IN FEAR! Let us move on, and get along. I'd like to be on good terms with everyone here, including wavygravy, and exchange positive PM's and posts.

    Lets END all the BS and just BUILD AND RIDE our bikes!!! Lets make MBC continue to be FUN, so some of us don't have to migrate to the "other" Mbike forum.
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  14. ZnsaneRyder

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    How's the progress on the trailer? It looks nearly finished except the hitch. Try some 3/4" EMT or Ridgid pipe. You can build the mount for the hitch on the trailer, then make the bars connect at the seatpost. You can also wrap electric tape on the seatpost to reduce noise and vibration.

    GOOD LUCK WITH THE BUILD DUDE!!! It would be nice to see the finished project in a forum thread of it's own soon! Good job on the small, simple construction. Your trailer looks 1/2 the size of my trailer, but with the same engine. That's impressive. I wonder if it will accelerate better with the reduced weight.
  15. bikeman6969

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    thanks zaneryder i am glad you like my trailor i think i may have figured out how to hook it up i will post picks if it works
  16. Rgvkid

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    Do you have a welder? I think i am going to research my hookup to mount on the rear axle rather then the seat post. Im thinking of a hitch reciver wraped around the rear tire with a U-joint mounted to the trailer. Most people do a straight shot to the seat post but im wondering if having the mount lower would benefit better then the torque on the seat post. On youtube there is a guy who made a trailer setup with a u-joint. You might want to serach for it.

  17. wavygravy

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    after i so called attacked you in pm is not when i started my stance on a truly motoredbike for the masses hopefully following the guidelines set by the powers that be! its the only true way to further the movement as it were! my deepest concern is for the powers that be who seek to gather information of what motoredbikeing is come here to seek ideas by concerned members as to what its all about. theres a lot of good people here, but theres also a lot of people who could care less about the so called movement, & fast & furious is the focus-on the streets not the track. if ive mistaken you for one of these im truly sorry! & yes i do live in fear of the law & i show it daily in the way build & ride in my comunity & have a very good relationship with the law & comunity!! & hope to continue to be a positive ambasador for motoredbikeing! i get a little militant at times & apoligize for that!! long live the movement!! ill be the silent minority now!
  18. Youngbird

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    I have a brand new "3.5 HP" sticker Im gonna slap on a B/S 24hp v twin....think the law will notice....?:whistling:
  19. ZnsaneRyder

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    That's a HUGE engine.:shock: It wouldn't appear legal at all in plain view. I would not recommend it unless being used as a recreational toy only. Even 3.5HP is still illegal in some states. Only way I see it possible is to cover the engine completely from view, remove all stickers, and make it look like a cargo trailer. It would be so heavy, you would have a really hard time pedaling. I say stick with more lawnmower-sized engines or smaller and its OK.

    I'm building a (now) 2.5HP 80cc trailer with my brother. The trailer will be bigger than mine for carrying cargo, but with a much smaller engine, and hopefully could be passed off as legal, since closer to 50cc, and if driven at legal speeds. It's also debaged so the cc's are not shown, and the engine will be mostly hidden as well.

    Trailers are great that you can carry more stuff than you can on a bike alone. The ultimate grocery getter!
  20. Quanah

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    I just had an idea, how about bikeman6969's trailer mounted under one of those fiberglass/plastic milk crates for (4)- 1 gallon jugs... I have several of those. They are very thick and strong as could be. You could mount the motor on the inside of the crate, on a metal plate, with the motor mount bolts going all the way through to the trailer on the bottom of the crate, sandwiching the crate between the motor and the trailer. You could hardly see the motor in the crates I have, and the motor would still get plenty of air. You could put another crate or something on top of the trailer and see basically nothing.
    I think I will build one too! Thanks for the pics bikeman6969 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!