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Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by loquin, May 8, 2009.

  1. loquin

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    Take one of the small gas generators, mount it on a trailer, and have it keep your batteries charged on an e-bike. (You'll undoubtedly have to do a bit of rewiring on the charging circuit, as normally, when you charge the battery, the plug disconnects the battery from the controller.)

    If you ever got stopped, you could truthfully say that it's just there to keep the batteries charged, and if challenged, you could turn the generator off, and ride silently away...

    BTW - the Northern Hydraulic version is about $5 more, but, it also has a 12V (60W) outlet, and is a lot quieter.

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  2. Skyliner70cc

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    I have that same generator. Its heavy and doesn't handle max load very well.
  3. loquin

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    Driving a battery charger shouldn't tax it though...

    Even though it would be 'pushing' the bike by providing the power for you to go, the actual drive would be the bike's Edrive...
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    It definitely has merit,esp. if room is tight,challenge will be to keep weight down,trailer can be very light because no force needs to be transmitted,only electrons.Source of noise removed farther away also ! ,25/35 cc motor should be adequate,good for 700 to 1000 Watts.Problem is finding suitable high rpm lightweight generator.I may have found potential candidates among electric mower dc motors.Cost might be a limiting factor though.
  5. loquin

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    The generators I've linked to weigh in at about 40 pounds. With the generator itself making up a large chunk of that mass.

    There's some room for weight reduction, it appears. The gas tank is metal, and could probably could get replaced with a plastic version.

    The frame of the generator looks sturdy enough to act as the frame of the trailer...
  6. duivendyk

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    A generator from a small car is good for at least 50 Amp at 14.5V dc.They typically reach full output voltage at about 1000 rpm,so with full field excitation can put out up to 60V at 4k rpm and generate up to 3 kW dc.(provided the diodes can take the 120V reverse voltage).So you can easily charge batteries up to 48V, or power a 1kW motor.A bit of an overkill powerwise maybe, but you can get a rebuilt one for less than $100.
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