Push trailer tires?

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by ibuiltmine, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. ibuiltmine

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    I know there is an all about tires section, but I want to know about push trailer tires.

    I think for my buddies trailer I am going to use a 4 inch wheel with about an 11 or 12 inch sawtooth tire for the drive. Its got to be something that will last forever, and not jsut burn off in 20 miles like an HF tire would.

    what do people use for a push trailer, and how long does it usually last?

  2. allkimike

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    I use a garden type tire 4.10/4.50 X6 tire on my pusher. I really don't have that many miles on it but I do have well over 20 and it still looks new. The tire I replace was a like tire but much thicker. So far this tire is doing just fire and it was cheap enough at $14.00. I use my bike every day but don't go very far. I do live up a gravel road that is hard on tires, so far so good. Mike
  3. ibuiltmine

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    awesome! Thanks! I know the tire on my kids Go Kart wore off in like 2 weeks of doing dirt burnouts!
  4. allkimike

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    I just finished another trailer for another trike and put the same tire on it. I am sure if I was pushing it hard it wouldn't last very long but the way I ride this tire it appears to be doing fine. I would like to go with a wider tire but I can't find a rim tire combination that will work and they are more expensive. This tire is cheap and I can pick them up at the local farm/lawn mower store.
  5. PooPooPeeDoo

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    I am making a trailer with a 6.5HP engine snuck inside it....

    Buit it's going to be detuned, to run at a strong fast idle, merely to assist in hauling large loads long distances, at low speeds.

    I plan on using cheap wheel barrow wheels with basic tyres.

    I think MOST wear comes down to the amount of energy driven through the contact patch, with the scrubbing that comes as the rubber under distortion by shear, and the road surface part company.

    So I guess the smaller the diameter wheel the smaller the contact patch and the harder the scrubbing will be.

    Me thinks LOW power, larger wheels... and a very reasonable longevity of the tyre.