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    i was thinking about getting putting 1 together so i can go alittle faster than my 80cc raw engine, but i was wondering if any1 on here or any web sites make any frames for this purpose or that would work good
    i can handle putting the engine on and all that. i just cant make a frame cause im 13.

  2. 13?
    are you able to buy a welder? I was welding proficiently when I was 13 my car engine lift that I still use I welded up when I was 13 & I am going on 42.

    the Campbell Hausefield welders for what they are do a good job they make an arc stick welder for around $100 a wire feed welder for under $200 & for around $275 a very nice wire feed welder that is convertible to gas welding later.

    I was brazing with mapp gas when I was 10 with a solid ox set purchased at K-Mart when I was 10 years old it used solid oxygen pellets that you lit & they produced oxygen worked ok & I welded & brazed many things over the years until I upgraded to a set of real torches. they make mini sets still with disposeable cylinders or you can find decent type "A" sets like refrigeration mechanics use cheap.

    at worst you can fabricate it with metal & bolt it together & take pics & when people are satisfied your design is good, take it to a professional welder & pay to have it welded up

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    You could also use the rear half of a minibike frame connected to the bike, do a search, there are a number of pics of such a design on here.

    As far as not welding, you could build a frame that is completely bolted together from flat stock if you wanted. I have an old set of scooter plans that are built that way, I could email you if you wanted to see how they did it.

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