Pusher Trailer Motor


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10:36 PM
May 1, 2008
I've been researching for some sort of e-bike conversion for the better part of a year now and I think I've finally decided that a pusher trailer makes the most sense. With that in mind, packaging is obviously less important than efficiency and power. Does anybody have any good cheap suggestions there for something that would push me to 30 mph and beyond? Perhaps a vendor with a good selection of various motor types and sizes?

I'm thinking that 1kW motor would be adequate, but I don't mind going with brushed if the cost savings makes sense. If I do go brushed however, I want something with readily available and replaceable brushes, not some no-name import throw-away motor.

Apparently Kerf is the only one that loves me.

So, now that I've read a few more threads in the gasser's sections, tell my why I shouldn't just save a few hundred bucks and get a 49cc 2-stroke?

$200 + $3/week in gas and oil is probably enough to get me to work and back at current prices. I'm thinking it would take years for the payback on electric to compete with that with similar power and nowhere near the range.
****, now I just can't make up my mind about any of this!

Somebody just give me working motored bike! :p

There ya go. I was impatient like you and decided to buy the folding gas bike from fiveflags because it was only $500 shipped.

I've had to replace just about everything on here, tho... tires, handle grips & throttle (now brake lever), seat. I'd even recommend the bike to other people with all these faults, but the kicker is the leaky plastic gas tank. It leaks from the threads because it doesn't really seal & gas spits outta the "vent" hole in the top of the cap. Luckily, my friend had a spare gas tank that fits perfectly from an unused scooter... but there prolly isn't anybody else who's gonna be as lucky as me.
I'm really liking the Spookytooth Industrial. I don't mind having to do a few upgrades or minor replacements so much as just having something seperate from my regular bike.

I guess this is turning into less of a thread about trailers, and more about me. Sorry! :p
I hadn't seen any 4-cycle frame-mount kits anywhere. I assumed they were simply too bulky and did not exist, but I've found the bicycle-engines.com 49cc kit now. I'd definately prefer a 4-stroke for multiple reasons.

Thanks for the "Hey dummy, look over there" suggestion. :cool:
I'll probably start a fight with someone but the Staton and GEBE rack mounts are going to give the best performance, reliability and lowest maintenance of anything out there. They are not cheap but you get what you pay for, Honda, Mitsubishi, Robin and Tanaka are much higher quality than the Chinese engines. You'll be money ahead down the road.