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    This is my pusher trailer behind my Penninger Trike. I wanted to power the trike with out doing any modification to the frame of the trike. The motor was on sale at Harbor Freight for $100 and I found the mini bike frame in a guy's front yard for $20. I did some modifications to the mini bike frame to accept the engine and attach to the trike. I used a bike brake lever as a throttle and wired a kill switch near the seat of the trike. The combination works better than I expected and I believe adding the trailer even helped the trike to be more stable on curves. The one big problem is the wheel will spin going up my road which is gravel and a short steep hill. But I can get a good run on it with not much of a problem. On the pavement the pusher does fine but you have to be light on the throttle or you will burn rubber.

    I have hooked a second Penninger behind the pusher trailer and a special trailer I built to pull my retarded brother around behind the second Penninger. With my trike in the lead and pulling two additional people and trike/trailer around I had no problem with power or traction. That combination even helped the above mentioned problem.

    All together I have about $150 in the trailer. I plan on adding a insulated cover over the engine with a better cargo rack. The engine is fairly quite but I think the cover will help to make it better. I use the trike every day to run into town for shopping and just kick around It works great.

    I am very happy with this combination and got the Ideal from this forum, Thanks. Mike

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    I wasn't able to post a picture the first time so I will try it again. Mike

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    What a neat idea!A pusher.
    I have been a fan of the clone Predator engines from HF since that hit the shelves. While some have condemned the smaller CC engines,I have had good luck with mine. The latest version of the 212CC (6.5 HP) for 100 bucks has to be the steal of this decade. An outstanding engine ( after break in of one hour) I have three of them on three diff mini-bikes. They will pull my 200 pounds with no problem up the side of my mountain and accelerate while doing it!
    I have coupons for more of these engines and plan to buy two more to have on hand.
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    pusher trike

    Thanks for the response. I just got a 99 cc from harbor freight as a open box motor. I checked it out to see if it was a return and bought it for $65. I just got every thing I need to put another trailer together for the other trike. I am so happy the way the first one came out and I have two of these Penningers. With the 6 hp I can pull a 24" trike train with about 500# at 20 mph and still get about 100 mpg. not bad not perfect but not bad. Mike
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    Interesting rig. You could extend the top rectangular steel frame rearwards & add some more weight above the wheel, to get added traction. You can get a #10 lead weight from a Scuba shop to try. Also, try experimenting with different air pressure in that tire.