Pushing the 48cc....

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    Pushing the 48cc 2/stroke SKYHAWK....

    Hey gang,

    On a 48cc Skyhawk (260 miles old)

    SBP expantion chamber,free air filter,boost bottle,NGK plug,new wire, mixing 32/1, Runs great but, what would help HT performance more?

    Porting? Thinner Base or Headgasket? Better carb?

    What would help the most pertaining to anything with performance? (What's the one thing that will help this little boy?)

    See, I'm trying to stay legal with 48cc............Appreciate suggestions.......................?

    TY, Glen:sweatdrop:
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  2. Toddmoto

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    my performace enhancment list....

    Hi G,
    here is a quick list of things In roughly the order of importance. (by my thinking anyway)

    #1- a properly ballanced crank for the rpm range your shooting for
    (this will make life so much better for every mod that follows)

    #2 An aftermarket head with a proper squish band.
    (belive it or not you don't even need insane compresion ratio's for great performance...but a real cumbustion chamber is critical for any mods to be realized)

    #3 a pipe & carb combo that works together. since you have a pipe already, you need to tune a carb to find what works best.....I recomend a carb you can get proper jets for (delorto,Kehin,mikuni doesn't matter) & learn how to make adjustments....remember if you are tuning for performance its a never ending game of chasin the perfect set up....even humitity comes into play if you are the razors edge:devilish:

    Lots of guys think a "port job" is the do-all end all. Its not. A simple clean up & matching is all thats required. do the above 3 things & you wont recognise the motor performance form these things.
    Have fun. T
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    dellorto 16.16 SHA carb (with appropriate jetting), an unbaffled expansion chamber, 50:1 amsoil saber. Balance the crank if you want more RPM... a machine shop should balance the crank for you if you cannot yourself you can port the intake side of the piston, never tried this myself. fabricate a reed block and reed if you have the knowledge/materials to do so. you can do a lot.
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    get a puch moped aftermarket cylinder kit like clay/foureasy did... you'll get MORE than enough from that.
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    Honestly, though I am aware there are so many accessories you can purchase for Motorized Bicycles, I am a firm believer that there is only two things to do to any bike to get increased speed, especially with a single speed motor.

    1. Smaller sprocket on your rear wheel (motor's chain drive side). You will have less acceleration the smaller you go, but the trade off is that your top end will go through the roof. The more teeth you have on the rear drive chain's sprocket, the less stress there is on the chain, but the sprocket has to travel a longer distance across the chain to get a single rotation. If you go with say, a 12t or 14T sprocket on your drive side you might snap your chain and you will have to pedal off the line every time for 10-20 yards, but that's the only way you're going to get high speeds without a shifter kit, or without doing some serious head modifications (ie; Porting).

    2. Larger wheel diameter will increase your top end as well. Unfortunately, on a bicycle that means upgrading to a full size bicycle with 28 inch wheels. The RPM of the drive sprocket will be the same, but the distance traveled in that same amount of time will increase.

    (NOTE : I am not discrediting any products that are sold by established companies and their respective affiliates. Most of these products do provide improvement to the functions of Motorized Bicycles. Of course, one of those products is the shifter kit... Compare the price of the shifter kit to the cost of a drill bit and a smaller sprocket.)