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    Hello all. Just joined the forum and not knowledgeable on how to navigate around on the site and post etc. Just want to try an introduce myself. I just completed my first "Pushwheel" project (except trying to figure out how to hook up a throttle cable to the engine. It has a throttle lever attached). Any suggestions or recommendations on how to bypass the throttle lever on this particular engine and get the throttle cable hooked up would be "GREATLY" appreciated. Anyway, my version is a two wheel model with a 6.5 hp "Lifan" motor (from Harbor Frt.), welded steel frame, and unique hitch to seat post. Have not tried it out yet (due to throttle cable problem), but hope to have it on the road soon. Thanks for reading my Post.
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    hey welcome drumman

    well -- I would wish to get that MB up - running and on the road fast
    looking forward to that first ride

    maybe load up the rig - if possible
    take it to the local law mower repair shop
    ask them what they have in stock - so as to make up a cable
    these guys have seen and repaired -- more than most think
    worked in a small engine repair shop years ago for the City
    they expected of us to be able to
    repair anything and everything
    at times -- special parts for equipment were hand made

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    Hello Mountainman. Thanks for the response and support. Just today came up with my own possible solution to the problem, but if this does not work, I will take your advice and head down to my local mower shop. Was just recently given the name of a good one here where I live. Will keep posted on my test run results.
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    Let us know (and see) how you rig the the throttle. There are lots of those Lifan motors out there. And welcome!
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    throttle rig

    Thanks for the "Welcome" and response. "ZnsaneRyder" has given me great solutions to my problem, and I am going to use his ideas. He has made it very simple. I will post finished project in the future (if I can figure how to do it), but for now still trying to get it done. Thanks again for the response. Happy wheeling.