Put a new air filter and throttle

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Htown, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Htown

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    I bought from SBP and engine now seems to be bogging down under load. It is about 56 degrees outside but always ran at this temp before. Will I need to get a pipe on the motor to get some back pressure now? Engine is a 49cc with a 4g belt.


  2. bogging down

    I too bought the sbp air filter My hs is bogging down too even with poo poo pipe
  3. Htown

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    I'm going to check if carb is sealing right tonight.
  4. Ghost0

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    I would suggest you check your plug for mixture. The filter is much less restrictive than the stock filter so it may cause the engine to run a bit on the lean side. May have to bump up a jet size.
  5. Htown

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    Thanks man, I ran it last night with the choke open to about 90%. Had just installed cateye computer and was getting top speed of about 27.5 mph. The stock filter seemed faster but I did not clock it prior to changing. I'll be lookng into re-jetting and perhaps a custom pipe.