Put the jack shaft in the frame.


Zomby Builder

This design eliminates the need for chain tensionors/makes a clean straight path for the drivechain.

You will need some basic welding skills. I am an amateur. You can buy a welder & with little practice, do this with most apps. Left or right side drive.

I am currently building an Ole Scool Chop. It's almost ready for final assembly. This is a proven design for me. You will see some prelim pics. It's the ugly yellow & red splated black PBcruiser.

To begin build the rear end first. This red frame is a stretched limo style beach cruiser.

Weld a bottom bracket into the frame. (common 1 piece crank style) Make sure it is straight And alligned with the front bottom bracket. You can then get a bolt in adapter for a 3 piece crankset. The threads are just right for a dremal tool to grind out. Get a standard jack shaft kit from a go cart supply house. The bearing size is 8205 for all. you will get all but two of these in the kit. email me for specific dimensions. They will vary with your design. You will end up with a 4 sealed bearing supported bullet proof jackshaft that is in perfect position to drive the rear. [/ATTACH]

Anybody with chain path problems will benefit from a version of this.

I'll post the finished Chop next month...


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