Put wrong oil in tank

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Jtifford, Jul 10, 2016.

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    accidentoy ran 20:1 ratio with marine oil and not motor oil. Engine doesn't run aswell already replaced carborator what should I do

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    not sure what you're saying

    marine 2-cycle oil won't take extreme temperatures, but shouldn't hurt the motor, motor oil that isn't 2-stroke oil might hurt the motor, and 20:1 ratio on a motor that is past the break-in period could gum up the rings

    none of these things needs a carb change
  3. Well before I put it in it was working perfect and now it doesn't go up big hills, I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help this because I thought the oil was the issue because it might be too dense.
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    ive even ran gearbox/diff oil without issues...other than the smell! oil is oil, but 2 stroke specific oils just have certain additives based on their use.

    so many things that it could be, but the oil? no.

    spark plug? blocked exhaust? less oil (20:1 is a tad thick)? crank seals? blocked air filter? hills gotten steeper?:p

    stop using additives and hi octane fuel, all it does it lighten your wallet(which i guess should help you go faster)
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    if it is just out of break-in period, it may have gone richer - go back to original carb and try dropping the needle in the carb a notch or two - if problem gets worse, try raising needle a bit to see if it was too lean
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  6. I had a similar but completely opposite situation on a WaveRunner, Search ding dong took the Waverunner out and stopped at a Marina and pump gas into the oil tank.
    Immediately realize what he did called home where we were. I drove back slowly and we pulled it up on the dry dock. Change the fuel filter, the oil filter, bled all the lines flush them out Refule refill the oil . A little bit of butter and a minute or two later papa papa papa Started running just like it was. Now I don't know how that's going to help you but there is hope.
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    Works terrible if you have an accent:

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    modern voice recognition picks up my thick cajun accent pretty nicely
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