Putt putt vs. Varoom

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    My book (RAW motor) tells me to set idle at 1400. I think that is to fast. I want about 900 rpm. Now, I have my slide just about to the bottom with a 1/16" gap. (see pic). What are your thoughts on this set up. Or can you give me a tip on fine tuning the carb. Should slide go all the way down.

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    I set the idle speed by the way the engine sounds. I have it idle as slow as possible without stumbling or stalling and then set it slightly faster. Idle speed will decrease as the engine heats up. It's not that critical an adjustment. You don't want the plug to foul while idling. As far as carb tuning goes, search for "plug chop" and you'll learn about the benefits of picking the right size carb jet.