Putting together a Midwest Meet



I'm thinking about putting a meet together sometime in 2009. I'd like input on what dates would be good. What events you would like. It will be based out of Kansas City Missouri. Please send your comments and any suggestions to my email for this at:

Are you thinking late spring early summer?I'm not sure about events, other than riding our bikes. Camping somewhere with good riding close by would be cool. Whatever it turns out to be count me in
dont try it alone, set priorities and delegate, maybe hold it in a small town with a lake so you can picnic and camp. the town will enjoy what money your group spends there and probably no popo problems. hang signs around and invite the locals. make safety and speeds mandatory. most of all have fun. mitch
Please respond to the email so I can add you all as contacts and keep you abreast of changes. Thanks!