PVC for a fuel tank???

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    PVC pipe is one of my favorite materials (besides steel) to work with. I've made everything from gun stocks to desk lamps with the stuff. I'm wondering if it -and the glue- is compatible with 2-cycle gas? Browsing through the picture gallery, I really like the tubular shape of some of the tanks and I'd like to fabricate something similar for my bike - especially the "twin tank" look. I'd probably go with something around 2" diameter.

    The trick would be to fab a vented cap and leak-proof pickup/equalizer tube. Has anyone else done this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Great idea if it is safe. I'm not a metal worker so it would be a good way for me to make a vintage MB tank. I had planned on using a fire extinguisher but it is very heavy.
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    seems that I have played with it before
    think that pvc breaks down -- gets sticky when gas is added
    some plastics hold up so very well and others don't ??

    don't wish for that gas tank thing to melt !!!
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    Get a sample of what u intend using & stick in fuel for a week,then closely examine....after a week you'll get a much better understanding if it's a dud/goer.
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    If PVC and gasoline don't get along to well together, there might be some type of coating you colud line the inside of the tank with. Like that stuff you put in metal tanks. Hope you find a solution, pvc is cheap and easy to work with.