Pyramid Alloy Double Bicycle Kickstand from niagra bikes

I have one and love it. Just be careful with the nut that holds it on the bike. Mine loosened up all the time untill I put locktite on it. Now it's faultless.
Yep, I have this exact one as well. LOVE IT!!!

I had to find a longer bolt and cut & drill some scrap metal to install on my bike, as mine was a bit different from other bikes apparently.

The best thing about it, is that if you have a frame mounted engine, you can pull either the front or rear wheel off the bike and the bike will balance on the remaining wheel. No need to flip the bike over. Extremely handy for doing maintenance on mine. Changing flats is very easy.
Nice! I've been looking for one of these. I guess the price to beat now is $28 shipped.
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