pz 26mm carb



I have had 2 of the 26mm pz japan carbs laying around for a while & decided to mess with them. I know they are jetted incorrectly from factory. I saw some folks have been using this carb in some previous threads. I was wondering what size jets have worked the best with the NE motor? Both bikes I am planning to install them on have the cams advanced a tooth, mushroom lifters, heads are milled, intake restrictors opened up & exhaust ports have been ported. I also need a sorce to purchase jets to fit the pz 26mm carb as theese jets have a different thread size than the 22mm Whizzer carb. If anyone is selling theese jets or knows where I can buy them, please let me know. Thanks, Dan
Howdy look on above 26 mm carb thread post# 18 .the pz 26 uses standard keihin jets. not the small jets like the 22mm. I dont have them but I can get get them ..Let me know if you need them ..BIll
I looked for Keihin carb jets, but there are many styles for many different carbs. Do you the the series number for the needed jets. Some of the Keihin jets have almost the same dimensions, but yet not the same. Thanks for the info, Dan
I searched & I think I found the info I needed on the jets for the pz 26mm carb. the main jet p/n is 99101-116-xxx. XXX is the jet size that you choose. Thanks, Dan
Hi likemyspoiler,
Sudco.com has the jets, but must purchase at least 5 [can be assorted]. You are correct on the part number, but you should call to verify the last 3 numbers.

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