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    Q-Matic drive sytem for 4-stroke motors available $259.75 plus shipping.

    The Q-Matic drive can be ordered with 3 different primary ratios, 2.62 X 1, 2.76 X 1, and 2.935 X 1. The Q-Matic employs a wedge belt primary and is trouble free and quiet. The primary belt can easily be changed if different ratios are needed.

    The rear sprocket needs to be a 56 tooth [or larger] and the possible final ratios are 14.68 X 1, 15.48 X 1, and 16.43 X 1.

    Here are the speeds [MPH] possible under normal operating conditions for both the high RPM [Honda, HS, etc] and low RPM motors [B & S, H.F. Lifan, etc]. The numbers reflect useage on a 26" balloon tire bicycle. 14.68 X 1 @ 7000 RPMs = 36.8 MPH, 15.48 X 1 @ 7000 RPMs = 34.9 MPH, and 16.43 X 1 @ 7000 RPMs = 32.9 MPH. On the low RPM motors the numbers look like this..... 14.68 X 1 @ 4000 RPMs = 21 MPH, 15.48 X 1 @ 4000 RPMs = 19.9 MPH, and 16.43 X 1 = 18.8 MPH.

    The Q-Matic is designed to place the ratios in a "real world" scenario to allow the motor to propel the bicycle at a resonable speed without making the motor "sing" at the upper RPM range. An average rider [175 to 225 lbs]on level ground with the stock Q-Matic ratio [15.48 X 1] can cruise at 25 MPH with the motor turning at 5000 RPMs [great average on the High RPM motors such as the Honda GXH50 or the HS 142], and still have good power to climb the average hill. If a rider is heavy or steep hills or both the Q-Matic ratio of 16.43 will yeild a speed of 25 MPH @ 5300 RPMs.

    Using the 16.43 X 1 ratio it is possible to reach speeds of 35 MPH @ 7500 RPMs if needed.

    Please order the Q-Matic drive from the nearest Authorized EZM dealer.

    Have fun,
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  2. Stan4d

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    Is it available in a kit form, including the motor? That is the one problem I have with most drives. I would like to build a bike all at once and not shop for different parts to make it work. It is not conducive to budget building.
  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Stan4d,

    The Q-Matic is the drive system, however it is part of the complete kit available from EZ motorbike dealers. It can also be purchased to replace defective drive systems from other companies.

    The Q-Matic can be purchased alone or as part of the complete kit.

    You are correct about it costing less if ordered as a complete kit because of shipping costs.

    Have fun,
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    what would the closest dealer to San Diego Ca be ??

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  6. darwin

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    MM AZ Bill.
  7. Mountainman

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    Ride That Mean Two Wheeled Thing

    looks like no dealers close by ??

    heading up north in a couple of weeks

    maybe a drive by so as to see one up close

    if found
    it will be ready to ride already mounted on a nice bicycle
    I had amnesia a while back
    don't want to find lost tools right now
    may bring it back on

    I just want to (( Ride That Mean Two Wheeled Thing With Motor Attached ))

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    New QMatic for Sale - Cheap!

    I bought one of these a few months ago and I am in too deep on too many projects. First person - $200 takes it. Just let me know!
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    Great deal for someone!

    Balance of warranty transfers to new owner.

    Have fun,
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    do you have pics, and what is included?

    thanks and what is the cost to ship or is it included. im near daytona beach fl