Q-matic Mirage!!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Mike St, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Mike St

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    I am quickly losing interest in the q-matic drive as I no longer believe the company can offer a production drive. To put something into production means having the capability to purchase each part in sufficient volume to have it maufactured at a reasonable cost. And here's where Grubee has delivered, because his manufacturing cost is so low, he is able to produce volume where an American company gets kicked to death. So when a company claims they are sold out when they are barely into production, it just means they couldn't finance sufficient volume to put their unit into production. After waiting for this q-matic drive forever, now they claim they are sold out. Sure!

  2. azbill

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    maybe it means that the demand was far more than anticipated
    I have mine, and it works better than I expected :)

    all you ever do is rag about EZM....is there a particular reason ???
  3. Mike St

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    FYI, I'm just about to put in an order for this tranny. MIke
  4. andyszyd

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    I lost interest already, after several inquires with 3 Q-matic people (dealers), 2 ignored me, I got 1 response, then when I asked when and where can I get it, I got no response.

    Those guys are running the worst marketing campaign I ever seen.

    With their attitude and approach I seriously doubt this product will ever be succesful.

    I have no opinion about merits or quality of q-matic drive, they are very secretive about it.

    For all I was able to find it is an "improved clutch" hooked up to belt pulley for RPM reduction. So it does not sounds like anything exiting or revolutionary.

    It is still single geared drive. It seems CVT tranny has more potential, it is much cheaper, proven and reliable.

    If somebody came up with simple reasonably priced chain or belt drive kit allowing CVT hook up, that would turn your MB into scooter allowing to better utilize engine power at different speeds, more efficient and pleasant ride, longer engine life.
  5. HoughMade

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    Guys, this is a cottage industry. It's not like buying from Sears. There will be hiccups along the way. The issue is the product. Is it better? If so, a little inconvenience should be worth it. People are just to used to instantaneous service these days. Sometimes that just is not practical given the scale of the business and the realities of getting a new product and business up and running.

    I've said before, I'll say it again- do it better and start your own business. I can't, so I'm not.

    BTW- I do not have an EZM and have no current plans to get one- my bike is how I want it now....may some day, but I have no dog in this hunt.
  6. Waterfowl

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    That's a quick change in attitude! Have fun with your new EZ tranny!
  7. azbill

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    Mike, what made you change your feelings in 6 hrs ???
    I believe you will be surprised at how well it works :)
    Andy, I believe I was one of the dealers you contacted, you are in FLA, I am in AZ, not much I can help you with face to face, there are lots of dealers closer to you than me
  8. arceeguy

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    And here I was thinking "Q-Matic Mirage" was a new model!
  9. Mike St

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    The confusion here is the use of the words "in production," which normally means manufacturing to produce a sizable stock of product, let's say at least 50-100 units in stock at any time. This production here is more on a scale of made to order. With all the dealers representing this unit, it gives the impression of true commercial stocking production. It's not realy a matter of demand outstripping supply, because there just aren't that many folks who are interested in purchasing a motorized bicycle kit. I going to guess that the entire sales in the US from all suppliers accounts for no more than 200 motorized bicycles per month.
  10. CaptJ

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    I was going to buy a complete kit from Mike in Sac. thats 650 plus. Maybe I'll order one later after my new Skyhawk/Grubee stops working.
  11. Mike St

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    Apparently, the order I was about to place with the EZ Motorbike Company is off, as they stopped answering my e-mails just when I was ready to send off a check. Only
    God knows why. This may be a blessing in disguise, as I am interested in CVTs, and may
    order a pocketbike CVT and learn how to mate it to a 4 stroke. The CVT trans is a proven solution with stock CVTs available from several suppliers at about $70. Originally I didn't want to develop this solution due to the time required but if someone does this the technology could be used for 4 strokes from 25-49cc. This solution is relatively low cost with big potential. I agree with Andy, a good CVT is the answer.
  12. Mike St

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    Well, I just got a response from EZ Motorbike Company, so I will send them a check for
    a q-matic to swap out my Grubee gearbox on the HS142FAG engine. I'll have to wait though for the drive to be fabbed. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress. Mike
  13. azbill

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    glad to hear you got the reply you wanted :)
    I think you will enjoy yours as much as I do mine !!!
  14. LostRider

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    Wait time

    I'm still waiting for unbiased owner reviews.

    But, what's the expected wait time on these?

  15. Slay

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    I see nothing has really changed with EZM. I've been out for nearly a year, and all I read is hype FROM them. Where ARE the public unbiased reviews?
  16. CaptJ

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    I ordered a Skyhawk / Grubee ll, a 48cc with an Anglefire 45-degree head complete kit $169. With free shipping. The kit comes today via FedEx.
    I hear that no more small two-stroke engines will be sold to CA in 2010 hope I can buy parts for mine. I’ll order an EZM kit from Mike after my new Chinese motor can’t be rebuilt any more.
  17. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Just a quick update concerning the Q-Matic.

    We are currently in full production on version #4 [hundreds currently in the assembly process]

    We have been swamped with orders, and I regret some of our vendors weren't able to maintain the pace. We located several new companys to increase the supply and can now ship up to 25 systems per day

    After almost 2 years of testing, re-design, and cost cutting the Q-Matic is being shipped daily in large quanities. Yesterdays shipments included orders to IL [Mike S.], CA [6], OH, FL, NC [3], Canada [2], TX, NE, MA, and VA.

    Production version #4 uses special aluminum alloys, custom made drive pulley, hi speed idler bearings, and the bearing support brackets have been re-designed to allow easier access.

    All previous production runs are compatable and all parts are interchangable between all versions produced.

    The changes between Production version #3 & #4 are minor, however we were able to reduce the final weight of the drive by a fair amount. The use of special alloys [only produced by one American company] has allowed us to re-design the bracket, increase the stength, and control cost [cost increased by $9.75 over original estimates].

    Warranty issues so far have been limited to one. We exchanged a Max Torque clutch, due to a rough bushing.

    I will include several pictures of the current production Q-Matic.

    Have fun,

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  18. GearNut

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    It looks very well made, well thought out.
    We finally get to see behind the "black curtain" outer cover!
    I certainly will get one when finances allow.
  19. Mike St

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    Got my q-matic drive today, mailed by priority mail, nicely packaged. It looks pretty tough, and weighs just over 6.5 lbs, which I consider relatively light. I believe I read somewhere the Nuvinci drive comes in at 8-9 lbs. There's no manual to guide installation, but it looks fairly simple to install. Installation and testing will have to wait for a little while, but eventually I will install it and take some videos. Mike S
  20. andyszyd

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    Can't compare apples to oranges.

    With Q-matic you still have 1 speed bike.

    NuVinci has infinite variable gearing within 350% range.

    Not that I am a NuVinci fan due to its weight and hefty price.

    But I wouldn't pay $250 bucks for 1 (single) speed box either.

    Looking toward CVT build now.