Q-Matic Pacesetter drive system

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    What If someone made a drive that can be custom tuned to each riders needs?

    What if someone made a drive that fit hundreds of different styles & types of motors?

    What if someone made a drive that used mostly american made parts and assembled in the USA?

    What if someone made a drive, that if parts were ever needed, they could be purchased at most hardware or auto parts stores?

    What if someone made a drive and tested it for hundreds of hours to find the maximum performance curve?

    Guess what! It is called the Q-Matic Pacesetter and we have shipped dozens earlier this month.

    The reason it is called the Q-Matic Pacesetter, is because it can be set for the individual owner's riding style, or "set the pace". The new drive sytem doesn't change ratios on the fly [CVT], but allows the owner to pre-set the ratios.

    The following chart explains a few of the possible settings and is based on using a 56 tooth rear sprocket and is the overall final ratio.
    AX Final 15 Final
    8.671 9.105
    9.432 9.644
    9.498 9.716
    9.775 10.015
    9.861 10.084
    10.067 10.334
    10.378 10.672
    10.414 10.681
    10.487 10.761
    10.709 11.034
    10.793 11.092
    11.062 11.421
    11.116 11.445
    11.438 11.836
    11.459 11.819
    11.825 12.221
    11.841 12.283
    12.214 12.649
    12.274 12.765
    12.629 13.109
    12.739 13.285
    12.801 13.354
    13.075 13.604
    13.241 13.851
    13.553 14.137
    14.066 14.714
    14.133 14.789
    14.529 15.317 [stock Q-Matic]
    14.621 15.341
    14.681 15.482
    16.043 16.965

    The primary ratio can be changed in less that 5 minuites and doesn't require messing with a greasy chain or sprockets. The changes are made with either exchanging the primary pulley size or using the adjustable primary pulley.

    To give a an example of just how adjustable the drive can be, I will give information on my new 50 CC "Drag" bike. The bike will be tested with 2 different setting. One will be the Roller Road [DYNO] and the other setup will be used on the Dirt Drag Test Track. Within a matter of minuites the drive can be converted to race on 150 foot track for short fast runs [16.965 X 1 ratio], and then setup for top speed on the DYNO [9.716 X 1].

    All the new drive systems will include the new modular brackets, and a 3 piece front bracket for instant belt or ratio changes. As always, all current parts fit all versions of the Q-Matic drive and means older drives can be updated to the latest version.

    This drive is so advanced, there just isn't enough space to explain all the features, however this drive fits motors from 1.5 HP to 30 HP, and is most commonly used on the HS 142, Honda 50, HF 79 & 99CC, B & S 2.5 to 3.5 HP, Lifan, Clinton, Tecumsah, and even electric start Whizzers.

    The new drive can also be installed on the HS motors with the short tapered shaft [Hoot], the current HS motors with the charging system [I have one of the charging motors on my Dirt Drag test bike]. We make adapters [crankshaft extension] for the odd size shafts [14.8 MM, tapered, straight shaft no keyway, etc]

    Have fun,

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  2. roughrider

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    Pretty ingenius. I am almost tempted to try a four-stroke for my next build. :)
  3. Quenton Guenther

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    You will like the torque of a 4 stroke, makes more of a "cruiser" than a stop light to stop light type motorbike. I like having the motor pulling without being "wound-up".

    Have fun,
  4. roughrider

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    I was originally going to build a 4-stroke with an EZM, but I had a mechanical itch I needed to scratch because I learned I could just tune and mess with two-strokes ad infinitum. They are really fun engines to play with. I know you have to understand that, Quenton.

    I gotta say, I've seen you catch scatos here and on the other forum because you are "selling," and you are "biased." Still, I know how to read between the lines on the subject of "bias." I know the difference between pride and jealousy.

    Lots of people have good ideas. Some act on them and build something. A few test and test. Even fewer send their prototypes out to have others test them. Almost none follow that up with the investment and planning to manufacture and distribute. That last is huge. I think you've probably done as much (or more) than anyone around in making four-strokes viable on motorized bicycles in a mass way. This latest design really solves a great problem. Well done!

    Sigh. If only I could find a little four-stroke engine that had the cool look of, oh, I don't know, a Triumph thumper or some of those turn of the century proto-Harley type motors.

  5. pwr2wh8

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    Referencing the ratios above and using the recommended 56-tooth sprocket, what is changed to obtain the extremes, 9.105 and 16.965?
  6. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Both primary and secondary drive pulleys and from 1/2" AX series belt to automotive wedge belt 15/32".
    As an example:
    2" primary pulley
    5.45" secondary pulley
    15 series belt
    equals 3.0294 X 1 times 5.6 [56 tooth rear sprocket] = 16.965 X 1

    another example is the stock Q-Matic ratio:
    2" primary pulley
    4.95" secondary pulley
    15 series belt
    equals 2.73529 X 1 times 5.6 = 15.317624 X 1

    yet another example is using the AX series belt

    2" primary pulley
    5.45" secondary pulley
    AX series belt
    equals 2.8648 X 1 times 5.6 = 16.04324 X 1

    Have fun,
  7. Stoltzee

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    Too bad there's not a pulley with 2 sizes to it. let's say 1 3/4 on the engine side. Then when it moves out its 2 1/8.

    Use a "Throw Out Bearing" "like on a manual clutch with a taper for the belt.

    And a regular click shifter on the handle bars. You could use a 6 speed clicker for extra play.

    Just an idea.
  8. pwr2wh8

    pwr2wh8 New Member

    thanks for the explanation and tips.

    when looking for the best acceleration, the 16.04 is the ideal ratio...correct? if so, do you have the 5.45" secondary pulley and proper AX belt available?