[Q] Spark Plug not fitting?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by nashy10, May 18, 2013.

  1. nashy10

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    Just about done my first build, but my spark plug doesnt fit into the electrical system... cap just doesnt fit the spark plug? unscrewed the top metal part on the spark plug and it fits.. is this safe? why doesnt it fit? 69cc gas bike kit. china.

  2. Greg58

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    That's the way these caps are designed, the idea is the cap will grip the plug better and take more vibration. You always have them on off road motorcycles.
  3. nashy10

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    okay yes and I assumed this, but it won't fit on at all... I've used a vice and nothing gets it on. took apart assembly and the piece looks like it doesn't fit the plug
  4. Greg58

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    The cap should fit on the threads with a gentle push.
  5. nashy10

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    If the cap fit on with a gentle push than i wouldnt be posting this as a question in a thread. Im looking for help, i am not handi-capped.

    and i will repeat, i have tried fitting the plug into a vice, and tightening it with the cap on top. to NO AVAIL.
  6. crassius

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    I'm confused. You posted that removing the little terminal nut from the top of the plug and then the cap fit. That is right, and that's how it goes together. A little spring inside the cap grabs the threads on top of the plug.

    If you later tried again with the terminal nut back on, you may have broken the cap - I'd recommend a new zero resistance NGK cap like maybe a LZFH.
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  7. nashy10

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    Thank you, youve answered my question. Didn't know that was correct, thank you very much
  8. BigBlue

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    Glad that you worked it out. Pictures might help in the future.

    Good Luck and enjoy the ride -Life is good!

    AKA: BigBlue
  9. Greg58

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    Sorry I didn't explain how it fit very well.
  10. darwin

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    Your forgiven this once.