QLD Australia moterized bicycle laws.

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    I have done a search on the peddle assist laws in Qld and have come out quite confused, first it says motorized bikes can not be ridden on roads or paths, and then it says they can be. First it says they can only be electric but then I think it says if an engine is fitted then they have to be registered?

    Can someone from this region break down the law in really simple easy to understand laymens terms for me please.


    Rules for motorised bicycles

    A motorised bicycle is a bicycle to which an electric motor is attached. The motor must not be capable of generating more than 200 watts of power. It is illegal to ride a bicycle on roads or road-related areas (such as paths) if the bicycle has an internal combustion engine (for example, a petrol or diesel motor) attached.Motorised bicycles are required to adhere to the same road rules as bicycles and have the same rights and responsibilities. Motorised bicycles are exempt from registration and compulsory third party insurance.

    A two-wheeled vehicle with an internal combustion engine, or an electric motor capable of generating over 200 watts, must comply with the Australian Design Rules* requirements for a motorbike if it is to be ridden on roads or road-related areas.
    When riding a motorised bicycle you must:

    wear an approved bicycle helmet securely fitted and fastened.
    The motorised bicycle must have:
    a bell or horn
    at least one effective brake.
    When riding at night you must display:
    a white light at the front, visible for 200 m
    a red light at the back, visible for 200 m
    a red reflector at the back, visible for 50 m.

    You can ride a motorised bicycle on all roads and paths, except where bicycles are specifically excluded.

    You do not need to have a driver licence to ride a motorised bicycle.

    If you have a question about motorised foot scooters or motorised bicycles, please contact Queensland Transport on +61 7 3167 4402a. For information on registering a motorised wheelchair visit the motorised wheelchairs section.

    Source: http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/Home/General_information/Wheeled_recreational_devices/ Motorised_foot_scooters/
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    Motorised bikes in Qld cannot have in internal combustion engine - they can only have electric unfortunatly.