Quality Analog Bike Speedometer/Odometer

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by gearhead222, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. gearhead222

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    Dear Fellow Members-Does anyone know where to buy a quality analog bicycle speedometer/odometer? Wouldn't ask, but Amazon and E-bay seem to be full of inexpensive analog speedo's that many times are bad out of the box!:( Again, any specific constructive feedback is greatly appreciated:)-Gearhead222

  2. butre

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    find one meant for a moped or a whizzer. Analog bicycle speedometers don't work too good past 35 or so
  3. gearhead222

    gearhead222 Member

    My 49cc Cranbrook special doesn't do more than 20 mph tops, so this might work out;)-Gearhead222
  4. gearhead222

    gearhead222 Member

    Received and installed a cheesy Analog speedo and it's working fine so far. As accurate as my digital one and easier to see:)-Gearhead222