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    Can anyone recommend a quality twist throttle for a bicycle? This is a safety issue for me. It seems to me if you need to hit the brakes and stop in a hurry the lever kind of throttle that I have takes an extra 2 or 3 seconds to disengage.

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  3. Fleabay also has a load of throttles. Just make sure you get one for 7/8" bars....
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    Try american power sports the are in ohio or J and P cycles the have some cheap stuff to
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    When I built my friction drive I just went to the local Bike shop and purchased an off the shelf twist shift gear selector. Then removed the one screw that held it together and took it apart and removed the little flat spring that they use to keep the bike in the selected gear, put it back together, installed it and then installed a heavier throttle return spring on my carb and Voila~ $12 bucks later I had my twist throttle and it works like a charm.

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    Now That is the best Idea I have read in a long time. I have a twist grip throttle from ebay, but with it, I will have to move my bike's shifter somewhere else. I think a grip shift gear selector might just be my solution, I might be able to fit the finger triggers for my shifter under the bottom of the twist grip. interesting food for thought. Thanks for the idea Squidman37
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    Check your local small engine repair shop that sells stuff too. Mine has tons of parts for minibikes and other toys.