Quality twist throttle?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by stringer, Jul 19, 2008.

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    Has anyone had luck with a good quality twist throttle set? The one that came with the staton kit is pure junk. It keep snagging up, and its made out of communist chinese pot metal.

    I would really like to order an all-weather twist throttle with a built in kill switch. But im afraid I dont know which to buy, and im worried about compatability issues. And would I need a cable too? I have a cable for the staton twist, it came installed. My bar is 7/8's.

    Any ideas? :grin:

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    There are what someone has called (Good) twist throttles mentioned in another thread... Sorry that I don't remember where I saw it -- don't give up.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    you could check out scootercatalog
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    Thats the EXACT throttle i have now that came with the staton kit, it feels like junk. The reviews on that site pretty much sum it up ... 1.6/5 stars.

    Im looking around now for a good one. Hopefully I can find something. I dont mind being the guinea pig. What about a dirt bike throttle, would that work?
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    Can anyone elaborate on "straight pull" vs "side pull" throttle kits? I see them both advertised but am unsure which style I need. :confused:

    Also, what cable size are you ppl finding to be correct for a 26" mountain bike/rack mount? staton supplied cable is 60". i dont have anything installed at all, but it seems like maybe a 54" would be a good fit?
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    Hi, that seems to be an invalid link. Which throttle kit do you have? thanks.
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