Tires Quality whitewall tires ?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Red Peril sporting black gumwalls

    I'd appreciate any real bicycle hobbyist to educate me about whitewall tires. although I'm not well off, Marin County Ca. folk in general are, and the bicycle shops have the highest end accessorys,bikes,parts,and tires imaginable .... until you get to the white sidewall selection ..

    With blackwalls, you can spend as much as you want to pay for tires that do everything short of inflating themselves as the prices climb.

    I'm a total bicycle novice but I'm going to make a guess and then hope a true bike professional or tire man educates me or agrees: I'm guessing that thers's little choice in whitewalls because they figure if you're mounting something like a 26x2.125 then you probably have a laid back 1 to 3 speed beach cruiser , not looking for speed nor off road mountain work,and theres just no t enough interest in it for them to worry about making any high performance,high dollar whitewall tires, which probably fit just the "novelty' mode more than anything serious.

    (Although I'd love an expert to tell me what a fanatic who restored a '56 Schwinn Phantom would use for comparable whites)

    Thats my novice guess, sure would like input. After 500 miles I had to get the original whites off the Red Peril, and every whitewall I found was the most basic smooth treaded, thin foamy feeling tire in the stores. So Peril's sulking, and dressed in her new black gumwalls.

  2. JHarkins

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    Take a look at Schwalbes. I don't have them myself, but I have been assured they are tops. I'm told the 'Big Apple' white walls even glow at night.
  3. Harkins you 'da MAN !!

    Thank you most kindly ! Oh yea this went right into my favorite site saves and soon to be ordering ! I didn't even want to mention the extreme possibilitys we have in my area with tires for fear nobody would believe me, but despite that none of them carried whitewalls of the type shown at Schawlbes ... not that I enjoy these type of prices or can even afford these tires but if any folks truly need the quality as professional racers have in tires it's got to be we crazy 35 mph plussers on Huffys and Magnas !!! Many thanks for the help ... funny though how they did not show up on a search for premium tires as I've even had little luck on internet searches till this site. Red Peril rides again ! On safer Whitewalls !
  4. JHarkins

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    One of the other things I've noticed about bicycle shops is their total lack of understanding of how low pressure balloon tires work. I've not talked with one yet that did not tell me that I would have tube cutting at the pressures that balloon tires use. Try this site, it tells all about the principals and use of large low pressure tires.
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    Schwalbes are the best hands down there not cheap but well worth the 47.00 ea that I paid.....I have the Marathons on all my bikes
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